If you’re new to our site, you might be overwhelmed by all the content. Since 2015 we’ve written over 250,000 words on the Credo blog and in larger guides. That’s the equivalent of 4 short novels!

Here are the pieces we recommend you start with. We’ve broken them into 4 different sections: hiring (an agency or consultant) advice, tips and tricks, SEO advice, growth advice, and larger guides.

Use these quick links to navigate to the section that most interests you.

Big guides and resources

Busy Executive’s Guide to Hiring an Agency

This 23 page ebook dives deep into building out a marketing team to support working with an agency as well as how to properly vet and decide on the right agency to work with.

Digital Marketing Pricing Survey Results

We collected pricing data across hourly rate, minimum project engagement, and more across 187 agencies and consultants worldwide. This is the most complete digital marketing pricing survey online.

eCommerce Marketing Guide

eCommerce has specific challenges and goals, and this guide dives deep into working in ecommerce marketing across SEO, content, links, email, and conversion. They’re specific strategies you can use to grow your site.

Real Estate Marketing Guide

After working in real estate for two years, I realized the challenge that real estate agents who want to run and grow their business but are not marketers face. This guide takes you through the full funnel from acquisition to bringing them down to becoming a client.

Transactional Email Marketing Guide

After leading a marketing team that was responsible for email marketing for two years where we sent millions of emails a month, I figured I’d share my experience and learnings from doing it at scale.

SEO Case Studies

Sometimes SEO can seem really opaque, because it is. We rounded up case studies from nine different agencies and consultants to show you the results they got for their clients and how they did it.


Recommended Tools and Books

These are the tools and resources we use at Credo. From SEO and lead generation software to business books, these are the reason Credo still exists today.

How To Hire An SEO

Hiring an SEO is really hard. This is a basic resource and calculator helping you think through some of the challenges that go with hiring an SEO, whether full time or part time, and figure out how much you might expect to pay.

SEO Calculator

This is an onsite calculator on Credo where you answer many of the same questions as above and get a potential budget all in one place on Credo.

Freelance Hourly Rate Calculator

If you’re a freelancer, then you’re probably not sure how much to charge. My answer is usually “more than you are now”, but what does that mean? This is a great place to start.

Hiring Advice

Busy executive’s guide to hiring an agency (ebook)

This 23 page ebook dives deep into building out a marketing team to support working with an agency as well as how to properly vet and decide on the right agency to work with.

Questions to ask SEO consultants

If you haven’t hired a consultant before, then you might not know some of the gotchas that can happen when hiring which can lead to hiring the wrong person and wasting thousands of dollars and months of time.

How to hire an SEO expert

This article covers the many different ways you can get SEO done on your site through hiring an expert. But beware of the pitfalls of experts, which we outline in this post.

How to vet a potential consultant

Vetting a potential marketing provider is tough. Here is the process we go through to do it.

Should you hire the person who ranks #1 for SEO queries?

Many times we hear from non-SEOs that they hired someone because they rank #1 and thus “they must be good, right?” In reality, there are some potential things to watch out for here that might mean you don’t want to hire them.

SEO advice

Easy keyword research for SEO

If you’re doing SEO/content marketing and care about driving organic traffic, then here is a quick starter guide to doing keyword research using some free and paid tools.

On-page SEO guide

Proper onpage SEO can mean the difference between ranking well and driving great traffic, and not ranking at all. Here is our guide from working on some of the largest websites in the world.

Website information architecture for SEO

Making your website’s information architecture make sense for users and the search engines is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic. Take our lessons from working on very large websites.

SEO site migration checklist

If you are migrating your website from one domain to another, or even one section of your site to a new set of URLs, then here is checklist you can use to make sure you’ve thought of everything!

SaaS SEO strategies that actually work

With so much generic advice out there about SEO for SaaS businesses, it’s hard to know what actually works. These are the strategies that actually work.

Why “SEO keywords” don’t matter anymore and what to do instead

The old ways of thinking about inserting keywords into copy for SEO purposes are dead. Instead, there is a new way that is better for users!

Growth advice

51 Ways to Drive Traffic To Your Site (updated 2021)

If you want to drive traffic to your site and are looking for a beginner’s guide on where to start, here you go.

How to generate better leads

Generating good leads can be really hard, and we are constantly working to do better here at Credo. So here are three lessons we’ve learned and changes we’ve made to generate better leads.

What do you do when a new competitor enters your space?

Having a new competitor enter your space can be scary. What should you do and what should you not do? Should you focus on them or keep executing? We answer all that and more.

No nonsense content marketing

Content marketing is all the rage and talked about all the time, but how do you see through the noise? This is a no-nonsense guide to marketing your business through content online.

How to market a small business

Small businesses have advantages and disadvantages when marketing themselves online, from advantages like being able to move quickly and be personal to disadvantages like small budgets. Here’s our guide to marketing an SMB.

What to do when your business is struggling

When your business is struggling it can be hard to see through the emotions and do what it takes to get it back on track. We’ve been there, so here’s our advice.

I want to get my traffic back

If you’ve lost organic traffic, then here’s a guide to getting it back.

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