What To Read As A Link Builder

Posted by on December 20, 2016 in Marketing Strategies/SEO Tactics

Prescript: need to hire a link builder on a consulting basis to help you grow your company? You can find them here on Credo. If you’re a new link builder, you probably struggle with where to start learning. When I started in SEO full time in 2010, there were an amazing amount of fantastic new blog posts being written about link building, complete with new ideas and strategies to test. Link building was fun. The times have changed.

On-page SEO Guide for marketers and non-marketers

Posted by on October 3, 2016 in SEO Tactics

Are you a consultant or work inside an agency where you frequently need to give onpage SEO recommendations, yet you have not yet built out a full list that you always make sure to send to your clients when they ask? Or maybe you believe (as I do) in bespoke work and that no template works perfectly for every client. Over the years I have been asked by clients time and time again to provide onpage SEO recommendations, though I…

8 Enterprise SEO Specific Issues and Why They Matter

Posted by on June 22, 2016 in SEO Tactics

Imagine you own a BMW. You love driving this car, with its sweet V8 engine and fantastic handling. You feel like you’re riding a bullet train on rails around sharp turns, and it’s fun. Boy is it fun. (Can you tell I’m a cars guy?) One day your car starts to smell funny. There’s no smoke or engine knocking or anything, but something’s not right. What do you do? Do you take it to the Honda dealership and ask them?…

Should I Do SEO?

Posted by on January 18, 2016 in SEO Tactics

Any SEO consultant or SEO agency owner will inevitably get asked this question sometime during their career: Should I (or my business) do SEO? Well folks, we at Credo want to answer this question for you once and for all, We created this handy-dandy flowchart for you to send to anyone who asks this question:

How To Use SEO To Dominate Your Startup’s Branded Searches

Posted by on November 2, 2015 in Marketing Strategies/SEO Tactics

Startups know that SEO matters, but what they also know is that you need to get your company in front of the right people at the right time. For a small startup, this is key to survival. What a lot of startup don’t do is leverage everything within their power to control their brand and put the most important information about them front and center when potential new customers (or investors) have heard the brand name and conduct a search…

Do SEOs and Marketers Take NoFollow Links Into Account in 2015?

Posted by on October 16, 2015 in SEO Tactics

Last week we received a tweet asking about nofollow links for SEO. My response in the moment was “I don’t remember the last time I thought about follow/nofollow when it comes to link building” but then I realized that since I haven’t (really) been building links in the traditional way for a couple of years now, I don’t know what marketers think about nofollow links these days. I conducted a survey over here on my personal site to see what people…

How to Write Blog Articles to Maximize SEO Benefit

Posted by on August 11, 2015 in SEO Tactics

A question we often get asked at Credo is: “What is the best way to write blog articles to maximize SEO benefit?” We firmly believe that you don’t have to be an SEO expert to leverage the power of SEO for your site, whether a small business or large corporation. A bit of SEO knowledge can go a long way, especially when you know your audience’s needs and the content that they are interested in. Here are some tips to…

How To Learn SEO – Business Edition

Posted by on January 26, 2015 in SEO Tactics

SEO, to the non-marketer, may seem like a magic combination of witchcraft and wizardry. You hear terms like “links”, “canonicals”, and “duplicate content” being thrown around which cause your head to spin as if you were high on a mountain with a brain deprived of oxygen. Not a fun place to be (unless there is a lot of powder below and you push through the pain). The goal of this post is to give you, the business owner, resources to…

Easy Keyword Research for SEO

Posted by on October 10, 2013 in Marketing Strategies/SEO Tactics

How to do Keyword research for free (and with paid tools) from John Doherty Note from John: If you’re looking to hire someone to do keyword research for you, check out our SEO companies and contact Credo for help connecting with the right ones. At the foundation of every SEO project is keyword research. Simply, keyword research is the process of identifying high volume, accessible, and profitable keywords to target with website pages or content. By conducting keyword research, you…

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