Hi there, John here. I’m the founder of Credo and our parent company HireGun LLC.

Credo and HireGun LLC (our parent company) is partially supported through affiliate advertising. We are affiliates for some major products and tools used in the SEO, digital marketing, and online entrepreneurship worlds. The main products we are affiliates for are SEMrush, FreshBooks, WPengine, Drip, and Sumo.

That said, we only take part in affiliate programs for products that we use and pay for ourselves, or have used and paid for in the past. Occasionally we will be an affiliate for a product that we used in the past and no longer serves our specific needs, but does meet the needs of our audience. We do not accept free accounts in exchange for favorable reviews, and in accordance with Google’s guidelines we do not give followed links to our affiliate partners.

Our editorial guidelines specify that we always put our audience first, and thus we recommend the right tool for the job regardless of our affiliate agreement with different tools. As such you will notice that we list competitors to some of our affiliate partners on our Recommended Tools page, as we know that specific tools are not right for every use case.

Any concerns, please email us [email protected].

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