Referral Program

Get paid for referring qualified projects to Credo

You’re working day in and day out to generate new leads for your service business, but the reality is that you can’t help everyone. Some leads are qualified for you, but what about the ones that are not?

Some firms solve this problem by building out their own referral network, and some take a commission on closed projects. Others do it out of the goodness of their heart or as a reciprocal arrangement. If that works for you, that’s great.

But if you’re never quite sure where to send great businesses who contact you but who are not a fit for your services (or you have a competitor), then you should consider joining Credo’s affiliate network.

How it works

When you refer clients to Credo, we put them through our high-touch process of:

  1. vetting their project with a qualifying phone call;
  2. introducing them to qualified pros;
  3. helping them decide who to hire.

Why send them to Credo

At Credo, we help businesses hire the right provider for their needs. That’s it.

We have a marketing background (our founder John Doherty is a well respected digital marketer/marketing leader/veteran SEO in his own right), but we’ve also become the hiring specialists in the industry.

Connecting businesses is what we do. You can see our full process here, but in summary:

  1. Business submits their lead here
  2. They then schedule a call with Credo’s qualification team
  3. Once qualified, we create them a project and account on Credo and connect them with 2-3 pre-vetted providers who are part of our network.

You can see our full vetting and certification process here. We also consistently gather feedback on agencies within the network and hold them to a high standard of client happiness and results.

What you get

As a member of the Credo referral network, you will receive:

  1. Up to* $250 for every qualified** referral;
  2. A unique referral link so we can track your referrals;
  3. Templates and resources to help you better monetize the leads that contact you who are not a good fit for your own services.

*For every qualified project with a marketing budget over $2,500 that is a fit for our Pipeline As A Service customers, we will pay you $250. If the referral currently spends below $2,500 in marketing budget, we will pay you $100.
**A qualified referral is a referral that turns into a project on Credo. Credo currently can only help businesses located in the United States and Canada.

To qualify

To be approved for the Credo Referral Program, you must:

  1. Have a business in the marketing industry or a tangential industry (such as web development or design)
  2. Have a live well-designed website free of intrusive and manipulative popups and prompts. Normal interstitials are fine!
  3. Be located in the US or Canada. We are currently unable to accept referral partners in other countries.

Ready to get started?

To get started, fill out the form located on this page. We will review your application to be sure you will be able to see success from this partnership.

Once approved, you will be sent your unique referral link.

Please note that the Credo Referral Program is separate from the Credo Pro network, and there are no leads or lead access included as a member of the Referral Program. You can learn more about our lead offerings here.

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