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Turn your digital agency into a lead generation machine

If you’re running a digital agency delivering digital marketing or web development services to clients, then you know firsthand that lead generation is one of the hardest parts of running a digital agency.

Another thorn in your side? Nurturing those leads from the first touch to a closed contract for your digital agency.

Time to finally solve your lead generation debacle so you can get back to sales and scaling your agency?

You don’t need to go it alone. You just need Credo.

With a free Credo Network account, you get:

  • 1 Notified via email of available new marketing and development leads;
  • 2 Listed on Credo publicly on relevant category pages;
  • 3 Discounts on the Credo Accelerator and future courses;
  • 4 Qualified for Pipeline membership (when available).

Learn how to get instant access to qualified leads for your digital agency below!

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Lead Network Overview

Lead access

Access a list of inbound leads that have been reviewed and approved by the Credo team. If a lead is of interest to you, buy it for instant access their contact information (or upgrade to a monthly subscription to see and contact any and all leads).

Lead notifications

Get real-time and daily email and SMS notifications for new available leads. Leads are divided into three categories - email with no phone provided, email and phone provided, email and phone verified (via a call with Credo).

Tracking platform

Track your lead outreach and project status with the Credo platform. We provide a dashboard and project views so you can contact leads you want to pursue and close with more confidence.

Common lead types that come through Credo:
  • B2B SAAS (35%)
  • eCommerce (16%)
  • Software (8%)
  • Fashion (5%)
  • Fintech (7%)
  • Healthcare (3%)
  • Lead Generation (19%)
  • Service (6%)
  • Beauty & Cosmetics (5.4%)
  • Automotive (4.73%)

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Lead quality

Every lead you see comes through Credo via inbound methods, and are both confirmed by the creator and review by our team before being set live. Their readiness to buy immediately varies.

  • Every lead is reviewed by our team.
  • Every lead is updated with as much contact information as we've gathered.
  • Every lead is given basic expectations around monthly budget expectations**.

**Budget is always dependent on various factors and sales influence. We cannot guarantee any minimum monthly budgets, but it's common to see monthly budgets up to $2,500/month.

Lead Feed

Access the real-time lead feed to see new leads consistently.

Leads are added daily with contact details, price and any project details.

Purchase or track (on subscription) leads you're interested in.

Lead Tracking

Add leads to your queue that you want to track status against.

Send clients messages directly through the platform.

Update lead statuses with notes to track projects efficiently so you can close more deals.

How It Works

Apply / Certification

Fill out the quick 5-step application (takes about 10 minutes) that asks for your agency information and two client projects and a deliverable or report for each. All information submitted is confidential under the mutual NDA that is part of Credo's Terms of Service.

Application review

Once you complete your application we will review it according to our vetting process within 2-3 business days. You will be notified of our decision via email.


Once approved, create your account to join the Network, create your profile, and be notified about new available leads!


Please review the FAQs below if you have specific questions. This will answer 99% of the questions we commonly hear!

Lead Network

Digital leads on autopilot
  • Access 15-20 new leads per month
  • Receive real time and daily notifications via email and SMS
  • Contact leads directly that you decide are likely qualified for you
  • Lead management via the proprietary Credo Platform
  • Public Credo profile
Your Investment

Credo is currently making changes to the Lead Network and not accepting new applications.

"Hey! I closed a lead from this list! :) I bought one and sold it for $1,500/month first up to bat. Thanks for doing this service! I love it."
John Morabito Winston Digital
John Morabito

Commonly asked questions about the Credo Lead Network

How “buying ready” are these leads?

Like most marketplaces, their readiness to buy quickly varies. Those qualified by Credo tend to be more ready, others are still getting their options. The ability to close leads comes down to how effective your sales process is.

So how do I get started?

Click the blue Get Started button on this page, complete the quick application, and you’ll hear from us in a few business days.

Do I have to be in a certain location to qualify?

Yes. Credo currently only accepts agencies and providers in the US, Canada, Mexico, United Kingdom, Australia, and New Zealand. We do not have plans currently to open Credo to agencies and providers in other locations.

How thoroughly are leads qualified?

All leads have been reviewed by the Credo team before being set live. The occasional lead will reach out to Credo and have a phone call where we determine they are a better fit for this offering. We note this on the listing. We also ask them to confirm their project (via SMS or email) and intention to find a digital partner before the lead is approved.

What contact information do I get?

Every lead includes, at minimum, the point of contact's name, email address, and website. Approximately 2/3 also contain a phone number. Approximately 1/2 have had a phone conversation with Credo.

Where does Credo find leads?

Much like you, we market Credo to grow audience and generate the qualified prospects that you are looking for. We primarily drive audience and client inquiries through our own SEO rankings, content marketing, and paid advertising across various platforms. We do not scrape websites or buy lists of "leads".

Do you guarantee any amount of leads per month?

No. We do not guarantee that any of the leads will be a good fit for your services. Common leads coming through Credo are for SEO, PPC, Facebook ads, content, and websites.

How long are leads live for?

Leads are visible for 14 days after they are approved. This is to keep the list fresh and not overwhelm the point of contact with new outreach after they've already been contacted multiple times. Lead creators can also deactivate their project once they have enough interest, at which point the lead will no longer be visible for new contacts. Pros can see how many other pros have bought/contacted a lead before purchasing.

How much do leads cost?

Leads in the Network, if not on the Agency Growth subscription, cost from $50-$150 per lead depending on amount of contact information and if Credo has spoken with them and verified the project. You can reduce your cost per lead by approximately 75% with an Agency Growth Network subscription ($249/mo paid quarterly or $329/mo paid monthly).

How many people can contact each lead?

There is no limit on how many providers can purchase each lead. What we can tell you is that as of January 2022 each lead is contacted on average .7 times. This means there is a lot of opportunity for you in the Credo Network! We also tell you before you purchase a lead how many times it has already been purchased.

Should I still apply if my minimum is greater than $2,500 per month?

Yes! Occasionally leads that are larger than $2,500/mo come through the Network (the majority are sent to Pipeline agencies). Being pre-approved through the Network is also the only way to be in line for the Pipeline when we have openings. We also from time to time reach out to Network agencies who are a good fit for Pipeline projects to see if they are interested in a direct intro (for an additional fee).

What about refunds?

Refunds are only provided when a lead responds to you and says that they did not submit it and were not looking for a firm OR if the lead is pure spam and somehow got through our review process (rare, but we're human too). Otherwise, it is a lead and you now have their contact information, so you should work that lead to do sales and grow your firm.

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