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Credo Free

Price: No charge

Just need a few introductions to a few more agencies to consider for your marketing needs? We can do that.

Meet with our team to make sure we have agencies meeting your needs, then meet up to 3 matches for free.

You get:

  • 30 minute call with our team to discuss your needs
  • Matches and conversations with 3 qualified agencies
  • Credo help creating your project(s)
  • Agency Reviewer™ spreadsheet
  • Standard SMS and email support
  • Hiring and marketing strategy consulting as add-ons
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VIP Service

Price: Contact us

Need to make sure you get hiring right the first time? This high-touch VIP Service is built specifically for you.

Meeting agencies through Credo will always be free, but if you need more hiring guidance then this plan is for you.

You get:

  • Initial project scope discussion with Credo
  • Credo help creating your project(s)
  • 30 minute Strategic Hiring Plan™ meeting before matches are made
  • Agency Reviewer™ spreadsheet
  • Concierge scheduling and rescheduling with your matched pros
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Review matches before you are scheduled with them
  • Same day VIP support
  • 30 minute check-in call after initial agency conversations
  • 30 minute proposal review call after proposals received
  • Additional matches if needed
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Agency Finder

Price: Contact us

If we don't have the right firms, we'll find and vet them for you while guiding you through the process.

If you need a specific type of agency and we don't have them in our network, we'll find them for you.

Here's how it works:

  • Contact us to discuss your needs
  • Commit to Credo helping you find your agency for your defined project
  • Our team finds and vets (according to our vetting standards) to recruit a shortlist of 2-3 agencies (5-10 business days)
  • Credo introduces and you conduct calls with the agencies (2 calls per agency)
  • 30 minute Strategic Hiring Plan™ included ($249 value) while Credo is finding and vetting agencies
  • 30 minute proposal review included ($149 value)
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Additional offers

Not ready to meet agencies yet? Here are a few more ways we can work together.

Strategic Hiring Plan™

Price: $329

Unclear on your hiring or marketing strategy? Book time with Credo's CEO John Doherty, who is a marketing and hiring expert, to get unblocked so you can hire with confidence.

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Marketing Strategy Consultation™

Price: $329

Need to speak with a trusted marketing advisor (our founder John Doherty) about your current marketing plan to see if it makes sense and how to do it better? The Concierge plan is for you.

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SEO Strategy Plan™

Price: $329

Need to review your SEO with an expert before committing to working with an agency? Book time with Credo's CEO and founder John Doherty, an internationally recognized SEO expert.

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"We contacted Credo and after a 30 minute discussion where they asked deeper questions to clarify our needs and current setup (including other agencies we already work with), they introduced us to two agencies who ended up being a perfect fit for us."
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Steve Lawrence

What is Credo?

Credo is a network of pre-vetted digital marketing firms. Our network of top marketing agencies provides outstanding digital services for growing companies.

Founded in 2013, Credo has helped 6,000+ companies in their journey to hiring the right marketing partner.

The Credo network delivers exceptional marketing results.

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The questions we hear most often.

Why should I trust Credo?

We've helped thousands of companies since 2015. We're marketers and service business owners ourselves, so we know how hard it is to hire. We've built the network we'd hire from (and have hired many of them ourselves).

Is there a difference in matches between the two levels?

No! We match you with the same initial matches onto your project regardless of the offering you choose. The VIP level brings you 1:1 guidance with hiring and makes sure you're clear on how to hire well as you're going through the process.

How does Credo vet the network?

Every network member goes through our 3 step and 28 point vetting process across results, professionalism, and culture. All three matter to a successful project, so we ensure they can deliver results, be professional in that delivery, and are great people.

See our vetting process here.

How are matches picked?

Once your project is in Credo, our team of experienced matching specialists brings up to three pros onto your project according to budget, type of company, channels needed, and more.

What is the turnaround time on introductions?

We usually schedule you with the agencies for the next 1-3 business days. These are 30 minute phone calls for you to get to know each agency a bit.

What if I don't like one of the matches?

If you don't like one or more of your matches, simply ask your account manager for another. We want you to find the right agency match through Credo!

What if I don't hire through Credo?

The decision to hire is ultimately yours. Over half of projects who receive matches through Credo ultimately hire, but if you think you've found a better match outside of Credo you can trust we'll be rooting for you to succeed with them.

How long does it usually take to hire through Credo?

Most projects that hire through Credo do so in 3-5 weeks on average, as compared with an average of 12 weeks of information gathering, interviewing, questioning, and rounds of reviews when doing hiring on your own.

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"When I was tasked with hiring someone to help with our marketing, I turned to Credo. They introduced us to two vetted pros who specialized in what we need. Credo saved us a lot of time and money by getting us the right pros the first time."
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