The Credo vetting process

Here's how Credo vets all network members.

Vetting process


A company can be polished and professional and still not deliver great results, so we specifically ask each network applicant about their clients and results they have driven.

We ask every applicant for:

  • Two projects for each marketing channel they offer
  • Description of the work they did and results they achieved
  • Client contact information so Credo can contact the client and ask for a recommendation
  • Analytics or other corroborating evidence of work done well


Quality of work delivered is extremely important to us and extremely important to you.

Our professional vetting involves the following:

  • Review of two deliverables sent to clients
  • Review of applicant's website to see professional design, clarity of writing and thinking, and more
  • Review of other profiles, such as LinkedIn and social media


Every network applicant must also pass our culture screening, which involves a 15-30 minute call covering:

  • Their professionalism on the phone
  • Promptness to the call
  • Clarity of thinking and speech in delivery
  • How their agency delivers work

What is Credo?

Credo is a vetted network of the best digital marketing providers. Our network of top marketing agencies and expert consultants provide digital services for startups and the enterprise.

The Credo network delivers exceptional marketing results.

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From our founder, John

Welcome to Credo. Since I started Credo out of my old apartment in Brooklyn, New York I've been focused on helping great companies find and hire great digital marketing partners. Since then, we've helped over 5,500+ companies as they look to hire and seen incredible results when we're successful.

As an entrepreneur and marketer myself with experience across agencies, in-house, and as a solo SEO consultant I know the challenges of hiring well and seeing results. That's why we've built Credo and the exclusive vetted network that powers it.

Credo purposefully does not accept everyone who applies to be listed within the public network. Our highest priority is keeping the quality of consultants and agencies listed as high as possible. We continue to hold Credo pros to the highest standards.

We take the quality of Credo pros very seriously and want Credo to be the place where businesses can come to be confident that you are making the right choice.

I'm glad you're here!

John Doherty, Founder & CEO

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