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If you’re thinking about investing in SEO or currently investing in it, then you’re probably wondering about what you should be expecting to pay for good SEO services.

While you can always offshore it and try to get it for cheaper, if you’re an established business that sees SEO as being a big part of your digital acquisition moving forward then you should be wanting to work with the best.

Working with the best isn’t cheap, but they’re the best for a reason. You might get results working with a cheap provider, but there is a greater chance that you won’t.

So why take the chance?

According to our pricing guide:

SEO companies worldwide charge on average $134.99. SEO agencies in the United States charge on average $147.93 per hour. SEO consultants worldwide charge on average $139.29 and SEO consultants in the United States charge on average $144.68 per hour.

SEO pricing is usually built off of the number of hours required for an SEO professional to do the SEO activities that drive results in your business.

These mostly break down to:

  • Research and strategy development
  • Technical fixes
  • Content creation
  • Time for link building and content promotion to build these links

When hiring for SEO, it is worth asking your SEO agency how your spend will break down across these so that you can understand specifically what you are, and are not, paying them for.

Use the calculator on the right to determine your approximate SEO spend based on your goals, but keep in mind that what you are quoted is likely within 10-20% on either side depending on the scope of your project.

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