Pipeline As A Service

Does your marketing agency need more sales pipeline?

Getting new sales prospects on the phone is the key to successfully growing your agency, and that’s what Credo does for marketing agencies. We call it Sales Pipeline As A Service and it’s our done for you sales pipeline generation service.

Credo helps you grow a more consistent marketing business with:

  • 1 New qualified pipeline every month,
  • 2 Better sales tracking,
  • 3 Reports that drive your sales actions.

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How Credo works for marketing firms

Express your interest

Apply to join Credo by joining the waitlist found in the Starter Level in the Network Plans section.

Application & vetting

Once we have open pipeline availability, you will be notified via email and invited to apply. Then you will be vetted for inclusion.

Decision & joining

Once you have been vetted and approved, you will be invited to join on an initial three month commitment.

New sales pipeline generation

More introductions to more qualified prospects on autopilot so you can close them into paying clients.

Grow your pipeline

Every month Credo generates millions of dollars in highly pre-qualified marketing prospects with pre-defined project requirements, and we book them onto your calendar.

Once you sign them as a client, track them through the Credo Platform to gain insight into the clients you sell and retain the best.

Full view into project status

The Credo tracking platform gives you insight into your pipeline and important metrics like projects signed, close rates, and pipeline captured so you can concentrate on the areas that need improvement to maximinze your investment.

Leads that actually close

Every month Credo generates millions of dollars in leads, and we vet them before we introduce you to them.

What is a qualified lead?

Leads are a dime a dozen and cheap, so we won't sell you those. Qualified leads have been vetted by the Credo team before we introduce you to them.

We make sure they have proper budget, proper expectations, and are committed to hiring a firm.

Qualifed set appointments

Once the prospect is qualified by our team, we book them directly on your calendar so the conversation can start. It's kind of like magic.

And of course, we give you their full contact information so you can follow up in multiple ways.


Pipeline As A Service

Credo fills your agency's sales pipeline with qualified sales calls. If you need to get more qualified prospects in the door to hit your goals, Credo can help.

Real prospects verified by Credo

All prospects on Credo are verified by the Credo team to ensure proper expectations are set.

Qualified sales pipeline booked for you

All projects on Credo are qualified by our team to verify marketing budget, needs, and results expectations.

Then we book them on your calendar so you can begin the conversation.

Project tracking platform

Track your projects from Credo and get insight into close rates, pipeline captured, and more.

"Before I started working with Credo, my agency was stagnant. I tried working with several companies who claimed to generate leads, but they didn't deliver and I wasted thousands of dollars which left me feeling frustrated and stressed. Credo has consistently introduced me to high quality and motivated prospects looking for my specific digital marketing services and expertise. Credo has added over $100,000 in revenue to my company since working with them. I don't know where I'd be without Credo."
Jordan Choo of Kogneta
Jordan Choo

View plans

Track your pipeline and important sales metrics.

Use the Credo tracking platform to get insight into your sales pipeline and client retention.

Track pipeline

Track your current pipeline by stage so you keep them moving. Track prospects generated by Credo (projects from other sources coming soon) with project statuses.

Revenue tracking and insight

Keep your metrics up to date to track project budgets and length, which ultimately map to lifetime value, within Credo to understand what you close best as well as which clients stay with you the longest.

Can Credo help you?

Here are the types of agencies who see success on Credo.

You offer these services

The agencies who see the most value from Credo offer consulting and services in these marketing channels:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Content marketing
  • PPC (Google/Bing)
  • Facebook/Instagram advertising

You also have these attributes

  • Work primarily with enterprises, SMBs, and startups;
  • Work on projects primarily above $1,500 per month;
  • Do both audits and ongoing retained work;
  • Have a specialty (such as ecommerce SEO);
  • If running ads, deep expertise in copywriting and ad creative creation;
  • Located in the US or Canada.

You also have at least 1 of these challenges:

  • Not enough qualified prospects;
  • Low close rates on proposals;
  • No central tracking system for pipeline or ongoing work;
  • Gathering client feedback after a project is finished.

View plans

Base plan

Starter Plan

in monthly new pipeline

Pipeline starts here. Join the network to hear when we have availability.

The Starter plan includes:
  • Tracking platform access
  • Monthly reporting
  • Credo Review Engine
  • Platform profile viewable to prospects
  • Minimum $100,000 (3-5 appointments) qualified monthly pipeline
$1,699 per month
Plus finder's fee per closed project
Join the network for free


Pro Plan

in monthly new pipeline

For agencies seeing success on Credo.

Get more pipeline from Credo.

Everything in Starter, plus:

  • Public WWW directory listing
  • Priority account support
  • Minimum $175,000 (5-8 appointments) qualified monthly pipeline
+ $800 per month

Total $2,499 per month
Plus finder's fee per closed project

Available for existing customers

Pro Plus Plan

in monthly new pipeline

For the fastest growing agencies.

Accelerate your agency with more pipeline and high value prospect access.

Everything in Pro, plus:

  • High-value-client access ($10k+ per month budgets)
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Monthly account review w/ account manager
  • Minimum $350,000 (9-12 appointments) qualified monthly pipeline
+ $2,700 per month

Total $3,999 per month
Plus finder's fee per closed project

This add-on is invite-only

Available for existing customers

Product features

Here are the features you get inside the Credo platform.

Pipeline generation engine

Consistent new pipeline from Credo every month, on autopilot.


Review engine

The Credo Review Engine asks your client to leave feedback upon project completion.


Project tracking

Track projects with their statuses and update budget once closed.

Project tracking

Call scheduling

Prospects are booked directly on your calendar.

Call scheduling


Message with prospects in addition to having their full contact information.



Every pro has a private Credo profile for prospects to view before their call with you.



Here are the most commonly asked questions about the Credo Pipeline.

What is a “qualified lead on Credo?

A qualified lead on Credo is a lead who needs services that the network offers, has a reasonable budget to spend, has reasonable expectations for results and budget, and focuses on the right metrics for their business. At Credo, we believe it’s just as much about the leads we don’t send as it is about the ones we do.

How does Credo qualify clients?

After a client submits their inquiry, our team conducts a discovery call to learn more about their project. We qualify them based on services needed, budget, business health, and more.

Once we verify that their expectations are reasonable and their needs are legitimate, we match them with Pros who qualify based on services done, budget, and more.

Where does Credo find leads?

Much like you, we market Credo to grow our audience and generate the qualified prospects that you are looking for. We primarily drive audience and client inquiries through our own SEO rankings, content marketing, and paid advertising across various platforms.

How many new clients can I expect per month from Credo?

The average pro closes 15% of leads sent at an average project value of $3,600 monthly.

You need leads to close deals, so we start there according to your membership level.

How involved is Credo after the prospect closes into a client?

Credo is not involved with the client after you close it and buy the client from the platform. You are then able to track the client's project through the Credo tracking platform, but no client communication is needed through Credo after the close.

Can I "swap out" a lead if one is not the right fit?

Projects are matched to pros based on the information populated by the pro on their profile. Because of this, we do not "swap out" one lead for another. If you do not want to receive leads like that in the future, you can leave feedback and update your profile to reflect that.

How many firms are in the Credo Pro network?

We do not disclose how many firms Credo works with. Every lead is matched with three Pros, so you will not be competing against lowballers and unqualified firms who promise the world and cannot deliver.

How many leads does Credo get per month?

Since July 2018, we have averaged over $2,500,000 in annual project pipeline generated each month across SEO, PPC, Facebook, and content marketing channels. We purposefully only work with clients with at least $1,500 per month in marketing spend, and require more if they need help with paid acquisition.

What are "high value" clients?

Credo occasionally is contacted by very large companies with very large marketing budgets looking to hire an agency. These are high value projects who require a great deal of trust and expertise. We consider any budget over $10,000 per month to be "high value", and these are sent to our partners on the Pro Plus level. The Pro Plus level is invite-only.

How does Credo match leads with pros?

Leads are matched based on the services needed, the lead's company type, their marketing budget, and more. We have internal systems that learn over time and help us match projects with the right pros.

What if a lead you match me with is not a good fit?

If we think that a client would be a good match for you/your company, we introduce you to them. If they end up not being a good fit, simply mark them as such on the project view within Credo.

How do I get listed on the public Credo pages for the services I offer?

Listings on public pages are reserved for pros on the Pro and Pro Plus add-ons. To be listed publicly on Credo, you must qualify and be on one of those plans. Your ranking publicly is determined based on a proprietary ranking algorithm including completeness of profile and performance metrics.

Can I track my own clients within Credo?

Coming soon!

Can Credo close clients for me?

No. Credo is a sales pipeline generation service and lead tracking tool. Credo does not provide custom services to agencies and is active account management or sales solution. You alone are responsible for closing, which is why we provide you with all of the project information and the prospect's information.

The Pipeline is currently closed to new members.

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