Benefits of hiring through Credo

When you hire a new firm through Credo, you’re not just hiring a new firm.

You’re part of a larger movement to bring transparency to the marketing industry, clean up an industry full of bad actors, and actually drive business results.

Started in 2013 by industry veteran John Doherty, the Credo network has been trusted by over 6,500+ companies in their journey to hiring.

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Matched on Credo vs searching on your own

CredoOn your own
Average time to hire6 weeks6 weeks2-4 months2-4 months
Focused introductionsYesNo
Transparency of capabilitiesYesMaybe
Additional matches and channelsYesMaybe

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Here's what all of the above means.
Average time to hire

Hiring an agency in the past has meant weeks or even months of endless Googling and browsing of badly designed agency websites with generic messaging, then contacting them via a contact form and hoping to hear back. Then you sign with them and hope they can deliver.

With Credo, we collapse that time to hire to an average of 6 weeks because the Credo system keeps you focused on communicating, collaborating, and arriving at a deal.

Focused introductions

Hiring an agency can be really hard and time consuming, especially when it takes weeks to weed through a bunch of unqualified agencies who keep following up with you.

This is why we introduce you to 2-3 qualified pros who are hand-picked from our network by our team. Focus on hiring, not on qualifying if they're good or not.


Agencies can talk the talk really well, but do they walk the walk? We started Credo to help people just like you hire those who do both.

This is why every pro within Credo's network has been put through our 28 point vetting process which includes results, professionalism, and culture. If we don't want to work with them, why would we refer you to them?

Transparency of capabilities

When you go to an agency's website, it can be hard to figure out what exactly they do and who they do it for Unfortunately, too many agencies claim to be able to do all the things when in fact they're only really good at one or two.

This is why every agency's profile on Credo shows you the channels they do well. During their vetting process we ask them for two clients for whom they've done this work, and then contact the client to get their take on the agency before the agency is approved.

Additional channels

Some agencies offer many services with others are specialists. For some clients the first option is right, and for others the second option is right.

If you need another agency to help you on a different channel, or you just want to make a switch, we're here to support you with great introductions.

What is Credo?

Credo helps companies get introduced to great pre-vetted digital marketing firms for them to get to know and ultimately hire.

Real pros

All pros on Credo are pre-vetted before they are included in the network and are continuously vetted as they deliver work. 95% are US-based and the rest in Canada and the UK..

Fast intros

Once you discuss your needs with our team, we get you scheduled with pros quickly. You'll usually be on a call with your Credo pros within 24-48 hours depending on your and their availability.

No hiring fees

We don't charge you a hiring fee for hiring through Credo.

"When I was tasked with hiring someone to help with our marketing, I turned to Credo. They introduced us to two vetted pros who specialized in what we need. Credo saved us a lot of time and money by getting us the right pros the first time."
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Kristan Brown


Here are the most commonly asked questions about Credo.

What does Credo cost?

Let's get the most common question out of the way first. Credo costs hiring companies nothing. We get paid monthly by agencies.

How involved is Credo after a project and contract are signed?

We're not. You have the direct relationship with your new agency.

We are of course here for you should you need introductions to agencies for another marketing channel.

How many firms are in the Credo Pro network?

We do not disclose how many firms are currently within the Credo Pro network as the number is always changing. Each client looking to hire is initially manually matched with 2-3 pros, and more matches can happen if desired.

How many clients does Credo get per month?

Since July 2018, we have averaged over $2,000,000 in project work generated each month across SEO, PPC, Facebook, and content marketing channels. We purposefully only work with clients with at least $2,500 per month in marketing spend, and often require more if help is needed with paid acquisition.

How does Credo match clients with the network?

We take a high touch approach to matching clients with the right pros, and pros with the right clients. We match based on the services needed, the company type, available marketing budget, and more.

Why companies hire from the Credo network

Credo's helped 4,500+ companies since 2015, and we're just getting started.

Use Credo to get introduced quickly to great pre-vetted pros who are a great fit for your project. We don't sit in the middle as an account management layer, and our vetting is industry-leading.

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