The Busy Executive’s Guide to Hiring a Marketing Agency

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Hiring a good marketing agency is scary, time consuming, and can be very expensive if done badly.

But it can turbocharge your growth if done well.

Since September 2015 Credo helped 4,500+ businesses get connected with great digital marketing agencies.

And now, we’ve pulled back the doors to teach you exactly how to hire an agency, especially a digital marketing agency, effectively.

More than that, we’ve learned what makes businesses successful. We’ve learned:

  • How to know if you should hire an outside marketing provider or not;
  • The team structures that work for different sizes of businesses;
  • The right questions to ask potential marketing providers to determine if they are actually good;
  • The reporting structures that set an engagement up for success;
  • The best way to discuss budgets with a potential agency.

Download the hiring cheat sheet today (and get a bonus ebook all about hiring) and learn from the mistakes of others so you can expedite your learning and be more effective moving forward.

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