Credo specializes in helping overextended marketing teams find marketing experts and agencies to partner with to improve your output and grow your business faster.

The ideal marketing team that Credo can help needs any of the following:

  1. Extra hands to do the work but do not want to hire full time employees to fill that need;
  2. Help with a specific marketing channel that you do not have on staff;
  3. A Director of SEO/marketing to set the strategy and then hire an inhouse Director;
  4. Help selling digital marketing to the executive team and then executing on that strategy.

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The challenges of marketing teams

We’ve worked inhouse and thus understand the challenges that marketing teams face to being successful, such as:

  • No respect from technical teams;
  • Challenges hiring great people;
  • Budget and management constraints to do the work you love;

Often, agencies and consultants can be leveraged to help you overcome the roadblocks you face. Sometimes the simple fact that they are an outsider and being paid well can break down barriers, while at other times an agency or consultant has seen enough of these internal challenges to be able to help you work around them and build the right business cases for getting the work done.

You’re there to get work done. Bring in the heavy hitters and let an agency or consultant help you out.


No one ever got fired for choosing IBM.

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How Credo works with marketing teams

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We’ll introduce you to the agencies or consultants who fit your project best, with your approval.

Make Your Hire!

Make your choice about who to hire and hire them outside of the Credo platform.

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How much does Credo cost?

Credo isĀ freeĀ to you if you are looking to hire an agency or consultant. Once you decide to work with a marketing provider from Credo, you pay them directly.

Credo is compensated by the marketing agencies and consultants we refer clients to. Agencies and consultants are not listed unless they are vetted by Credo first. Read more about our vetting process here.

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