Credo specializes in helping startups who are past the beginning stages and ready to scale.

The ideal startup that Credo can help:

  • Has at least six figures in revenue
  • Has a team of developers that can implement needed changes, even if they are not dedicated to SEO or marketing
  • Has a good understanding of who your ideal audience is
  • Has a marketing budget of over $2,000 a month to put towards digital marketing

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The challenge of startup marketing

Startups are hard, and not just because you are constantly afraid that it’s going to fail.

Startup marketing is challenging because you are trying to reach a huge market (hopefully) yet you do not have the people and monetary resources to do all the things at once.

That’s normal.

By hiring an agency or a set of specialist consultants, you can quickly increase the number of hands you have on deck working on growing your company.

Startups look to hire an agency or consultant for a few common reasons:

  • You need more hands to execute on the strategies you already have laid out;
  • You need specialists because all of your marketers are generalists;
  • You need strategies built for marketing channels you have no experience with;
  • Your investors are getting impatient.

These are all valid reasons to look for help from an agency or consultant, and we can help you through all of them.

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Should startups work with a consultant or an agency?

Whether a startup should work with a solo consultant or an agency is complicated, which is why we like to speak with you on the phone to learn more about your company’s individual needs and then introduce you to the right people.

At a high level, a startup should work with an agency if any of the following are true:

  • Need help with your overall digital marketing strategy, including multiple channels;
  • Have your strategies put together and need help executing on them;
  • Need a variety of services and expertises, not just one channel;
  • Do not have a team in place to execute on your marketing strategies.

A startup should consider working with a solo consultant if any of the following are true:

  • Need help with your strategy for a specific channel
  • Have a team in place and need a senior strategist’s guidance for them
  • Have the budget to afford a solo consultant, who tend to be more expensive than an agency
  • Plan to hire a team, but want the strategy in place first

If you are concerned about pricing, I recommend looking at the digital marketing pricing survey where you will see that solo consultants actually tend to be more expensive than agencies because they are more senior and work on higher level advanced strategies than most agencies.

How Credo works with startups

Create Your Project

Tell us what services you need, how much you can spend, and your contact information.

Receive a Followup

Chat with us live or schedule a call so we can learn a bit more and make the right introductions.

Get Introduced

We’ll introduce you to the agencies or consultants who fit your project best, with your approval.

Make Your Hire!

Make your choice about who to hire and hire them outside of the Credo platform.

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How much does Credo cost?

Credo is free to you if you are looking to hire an agency or consultant. Once you decide to work with a marketing provider from Credo, you pay them directly.

Credo is compensated by the marketing agencies and consultants we refer clients to. Agencies and consultants are not listed unless they are vetted by Credo first. Read more about our vetting process here.

Startups we have helped

Credo has helped the following startups and more hire an agency or consultant to work with them:

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