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Are you tired of marketing newsletters that are all tactics and trends but offer very little value to you as a business owner?

Hey, it’s me. John Doherty, founder of Credo and digital marketing veteran.

While tactics and hacks and strategies have their place, they’re only as good as the business behind them. You know this as an agency owner.

You’re a great marketer. The people on your team are great marketers. You get great results for your clients.

I’ve been there. I’ve been that agency owner.

Do you put the same level of care into your agency and growing it to get great results for you?

I didn’t for a long time. So I started reading all that I could about how to do it, and now we’re sharing what I’m reading with you.

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  3. Ways agency owners and teams can live a great life alongside their work.

Articles cover topics like:

  • Sales
  • Lead generation
  • Agency management
  • Business owner mindset
  • Agency automation

And much more!

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