In 2022 Credo is launching a brand new lead newsletter that rounds up high quality marketing projects from around the internet that are open to being contacted and pitched.

If you struggle like 83% of other marketing services companies to get enough leads to feed your sales team, you need this marketing leads newsletter. Every week we round up high quality leads from around the internet that are:

  1. Actively hiring
  2. Have compensation listed publicly and are paying at least $25/hr (we multiply the hourly by an expected 10 hours per week to get a monthly potential)
  3. Are open to part time or contract work.

These leads are not:

  1. Full time jobs (though some may be open to it)
  2. Low value $10-$12 an hour gigs

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“Before I started working with Credo, my agency was stagnant. I tried working with several companies who claimed to generate leads, but they didn’t deliver and I wasted thousands of dollars which left me feeling frustrated and stressed. Credo has consistently introduced me to high quality and motivated prospects looking for my specific digital marketing services and expertise. Credo has added over $100,000 in revenue to my company since working with them. I don’t know where I’d be without Credo.”
Jordan Choo of Kogneta
Jordan Choo
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