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Dan Stepchew, Chief E-Commerce Officer, Medelita
Dan Stepchew is the Chief E-Commerce Officer of Medelita, an ecommerce brand that makes premium lab coats and scrubs for the modern medical professional.

Dan’s words:

I contacted Credo in December 2017 because we were looking for help growing our ecommerce website’s organic traffic. John took the call even when he was in Barcelona working remotely, and he took the time to understand my needs and even worked with us through an elongated process in which we hired another solo consultant and then eventually engaged with one of the agencies Credo connected us with. The process was seamless and the team really worked with our unique situation.

Medelita serves the medical community, which has a very specific type of clothing approved for their use. Medelita sells better fitting and feeling lab coats and scrubs through their website. They are taking on an entrenched set of competitors from which the medical community has long purchased their clothes, so they needed additional hands on deck to help them grow.

Dan contacted Credo in early December and our founder John took the call as he was working in Barcelona. John was able to connect Dan with a few ecommerce-specific agencies within just a day or so, and then stayed involved through the process as Medelita had conversations, worked short term with a consultant not on Credo, and then ultimately decided to engage long term with a Credo-recommended agency.

Credo founder John Doherty had this to say about Medelita’s project:

Medelita was a fantastic company to work with to help them connect with and eventually hire the right agency for their needs. Medelita has a ton of potential and a founding team that really understands growth, which made them an ideal client to match up with some great agencies and help through the process, however long was needed, to signing with the right one. We’d work with them again no question!

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