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Mike Wolf – Sr. Manager, Digital Marketing & E-Commerce Inspired Closets
Mike is the Senior Manager of Digital Marketing and E-Commerce at Inspired Closets, part of The Stow Company

Mike came to Credo in fall 2018 looking for a new agency to help him and his team grow a brand that he had recently taken ownership of inside the company.

After a few discussions with the Credo team, including meeting in person at a conference in Detroit, Mike had extensive conversations with multiple agencies through Credo.

After a long process including an initial audit, they hired a firm to work with who has delivered value to Mike and his team through being a trusted partner in digital marketing to help them focus and clean up onsite fundamentals and then shifting to content production to drive local visibility.

They are continuing to work with the same firm into the future to continue addressing customer needs and driving business results.

Mike said:

When thinking through our growth plans, it was clear that we needed outside help and expertise to reach our goals. I had learned of Credo from a trusted industry contact so I reached out to them for assistance in finding the right partner. After a few brief conversations, we had a short list of potential partners to evaluate and ultimately selected the right partner to help us in 2019 and beyond. 

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