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If this is your first time purchasing a lead from Credo, please read the How it works section below the form before continuing. 

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How it works

You were just sent a potential lead from Credo. All leads submitted via this part of Credo have stated that their monthly budget is under $2,500 per month.

Please note that this pay-per-lead service is separate from Credo’s Pipeline As A Service offering, which is a white glove productized service. If you are interested in that please make sure you have added your name to the Waitlist which is found on the Starter plan on the Pros page.

A few important things to know:

  • Every lead is sent to multiple people and may be sold multiple times. We do not tell how many times it has already been sold.
  • No refunds. If you do not hear back from the lead, keep following up.
  • If you have arrived at this page, Credo spoken with the lead on the phone and communicated what will happen next to them.
  • Their contact information has been verified.
  • You will be sent your lead information within an hour of checkout M-Th 9a-5p MT and Fridays 9a-1p MT. If your payment is submitted after these times, the information will be sent to you at 9am of the following business day. We highly recommend not checking out after 1p on Fridays. Leads will not be sent after 1p on Fridays either.
  • No refunds.

Credo helps companies find great digital marketing companies, and connects great digital marketing companies with qualified leads. We call it Pipeline As A Service

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