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We aim to be just like our clients and match their tenacity step for step. We believe in a diversified approach. You wouldn’t put all of your investments dollars into a single stock. And we don’t believe you should put all of your marketing dollars into a single tactic.

That is why we offer website design, SEO, PPC, Social Media, Content Marketing and Promotion, and Public Relations services. Our team members have worked with solo practitioners to top 100 law firms. We know what services to offer and when to offer them. That is why we are consistently invited as a guest speaker for the ABA and other bar associations to help educate their members. Maximizing your return is always our concern.

“In more than fifteen years of handling Web marketing campaigns for law firms across the country, it’s the smaller firms that have always amazed me. Experience has convinced me that you’ll never find a more tenacious, dedicated, and hard-working group anywhere.

Where there’s a challenge – they are always the first in line. When there’s a problem to be figured out – count on those law firms for creative solutions and a ‘can-do’ attitude.” – Lisa Vaughn, Founder, Gladiator Law Marketing

We have two priorities here at GLM:

  1. We want your marketing campaign to be successful. That means new signed cases. We are dedicated to your bottom line, not just useless marketing metrics.
  2. We want you to like us! We build positive long-term relationships with our clients through our industry leading customer service.


Top Tips For Hiring An Agency

  1. Insist on an itemized proposal. Otherwise you won’t have any way to hold your agency accountable on a monthly basis.
  2. Understand your agreement. Marketing is complex but each piece is easily explained.
  3. Setup conversion tracking. This requires a system to know where inquiries came from and which ones turned into cases. If you don’t do this, you won’t really know if your agency is successful.
  4. Set aside time each month for marketing, at least 1 hour. Attorneys all too often feel out of touch and this results in anxiety.
  5. Know what the agency is going to need from you on a consistent basis and have a plan to deliver.


An In Depth Look At How We Approach Online Marketing

When it comes to marketing for attorneys, it is all about positioning. People don’t start thinking about an attorney until the need actually arises. (i.e. They get in an accident or need a divorce or get arrested.) Thus Right Time, Right Place, Right Service is crucial. You need to be where people are going to look for an attorney. Most people are going to turn to a search engine. This leaves you three basic options: SEO, PPC, or Directories.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click) – Let’s specifically discuss Search PPC. These types of ads are shown at the top of Google search results. You pay to be there. The benefit is that as soon as you start paying, you start showing up. PPC is a great option for attorneys in two different scenarios:

  1. Budget Not High Enough For SEO – You can enter the PPC marketplace at a lower rate, typically $1,000 per month.
  2. You Need Cases Now – Since PPC is instant, you can start to get new leads immediately.

The major downsides to PPC are return of investment and big case potential. Because PPC is so flexible and readily accessible, the costs tend to be slightly higher, which is a major reason all firms should strive to have an SEO campaign. Also, people tend to dis-trust advertisements. People that have larger cases tend to do more research before deciding on an attorney, and they will usually skip the ads in this process.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) – There are two places that SEO can get your firm listed, in the maps and just below the maps in the organic results. It is crucially important to get into the top 5, if not top 3 results to see consistent quality inquiries. SEO is significantly more complex than PPC and generally includes:

  1. On-Site Content Development
  2. Off-Site Content Creation and Promotion
  3. Reputation Management and Review Generation
  4. Creating and Optimizing Law Firm Directory Profiles
  5. Community Sponsorship, Scholarships, and Support
  6. On-Going Competitive Analysis and Strategy Adjustments

SEO has the best chance to produce significant cases on a consistent basis. By creating trust and an image of professionalism, people will choose your firm to represent them in their most trying of times. SEO tends to have the highest return on investment in the long run. It is also the only online marketing option that allows you to build a competitive advantage over your competitors, because SEO takes time to get right. New competitors can’t just show up and move you off the first page.

The downsides to SEO are primarily tied to its complexity. SEO takes time to work, typically at least a year or more. It is highly strategic and requires a consistent long-term plan that is also consistently executed. You must work with an agency that is hungry and willing to stay involved on a daily basis. SEO can require more time from the attorneys or office staff, even if the firm is working with an agency. This is entirely dependent on the preferences of the attorney, but many attorneys feel like they need to approve content before it goes live.

Directories – We have plenty of clients that get leads from directories. We also have plenty of clients that don’t get any. Some markets work well while others don’t. Most directories get leads the same way a law firm does; SEO and PPC. So do some Google searches to see which directories are ranking and how high they are ranking. Then click on those results to find out how many attorneys are listed in the directory. The big question is…Can you outrank the directories for less money than what the directory is charging? If the answer is yes, then you are better off building your own website and getting all of the leads rather than sharing with the rest of the attorneys on the directory.


Our Website Designs

We have award winning designers on staff to create a website that converts. Standing out from your competitors in a crowded market is a must. Too many websites look the same and offer a poor experience for website visitors. A website should be easy to navigate, offer solutions to problems, make it easy to contact the firm in a manner they are comfortable with, and be an accurate reflection of the personality of the firm. That last point is often overlook. You can’t be The Hammer online and then be a teddy bear in person. The transition a potential client makes from the website to contacting your firm should be as seamless as possible to help you build a positive relationship.


About Our Leadership

Adam Draper – Adam brings a diverse perspective to his role as CEO. He began his career flying for the Air Force before transitioning to civilian life in Fortune 500 sales. His combat and humanitarian experience allow him to build relationships with a variety of individuals and create a work environment that produces success on all fronts. He is an advocate of learning and has a Bachelors from the University of Kentucky, an MBA from the University of Louisville, and is currently working on an MFA in Motion Pictures and Television from the Academy of Art.

Lisa Vaughn – Lisa has close to two decades of experience with law firm marketing. Her passion for helping others sets her up for success as a marketing agency owner. She prides herself on the ability to produce for clients. She has worked with firms of all types and sizes, and is capable of having a solid opinion on most any law marketing topic. She is our go-to expert.

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I have been working with Lisa Vaughn and her Gladiator Law Marketing team for years now. I have to say the experience has been highly rewarding from a business development perspective and on a personal level. Over these many years, Gladiator has kept up with the constant changes by Google and the other challenges lawyers face advertising on the internet. Lisa always acts in the best interest of my firm and has become a personal friend whose judgment I trust implicitly. Lawyer advertising certainly isn’t becoming any less competitive and I look forward to working with Lisa and her team for as long as I am practicing law.

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