Partner type Consultant
Location Canada
Specialty CRO for Ecommerce
Company size 1
Hourly rate $125

You know your store is losing sales but you don’t know how to fix it.

I’ll show you where your store is losing customers, talk with your buyers to understand why and tell you how to fix it.

Together we will increase your sales and revenue with research-driven conversion optimization. I only work with ecommerce retailers.

Working in the space for over 12 years, I have helped companies increase conversion rates, average order value and repeat purchases.

I specialize in combining Quant data from analytics with customer interviews to really understand:

  • What triggered them to look for you
  • What outcomes do they want in using your product
  • Why did they choose you, over your competition
  • What almost stopped them from buying from you

I’d love to chat and see how we can help you increase sales.

Services & Experience

Marketing services
  • Conversion Optimization
  • Digital Marketing
Business types I've worked with
  • eCommerce
Business models I work on
  • B2C
  • Enterprise
  • Mid-Market
  • Small Business
  • Startup

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