Consulting Client Sales Framework

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Are you tired of paying to generate “leads” in your front door, but then losing them during the pitch or being ghosted on after sending a proposal?

This framework is for you. It outlines the sales and proposal process that we have built over the last four years at Credo, seeing thousands of clients and millions of dollars in consulting work come through our doors and be sent to the Credo network.

It contains:

  1. The four step process we knows closes the best work (and that is baked into the Credo Platform)
  2. Specifically what to learn in each step along the process
  3. Sales tips to keep you from making common mistakes that kill your conversion rates

It’s available to you, for free!

John Doherty
John Doherty

My name is John Doherty and I am the founder of, where we’ve seen over 1,300 businesses and $8,000,000 in marketing spend come through Credo since September 2015 looking for help getting connected with the right marketing provider for their needs. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife and our very large black labrador Butterbean.

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