What is a title tag?

The title tag is a meta tag put in the <head> of a webpage that specifies the text that will be shown both in the browser tab bar as well as in Google’s search results. In SEO, the title tag is one of the strongest ranking factors after the URL and H1 tags.

What does a title tag look like?

The title tag is a simple line of code that looks like this:

<title>Top 20 SEO Consultants – Credo</title>

That is the title tag for our SEO consultants page, and it shows up in the tab of your web browser.

title tag

Why title tags for SEO?

As stated above, the title tag is one of the strongest onpage SEO factors. By including your main targeted phrase, as well as semantically related keywords, you can improve your page’s ranking.

The main term targeted is often, though not always, bolded in the title tag when that term is searched and your page ranks:

Title tag structure

First, title tags should be descriptive of the page’s contents and speak to the user’s goals.

Second, think about title tags in an SEO context. You should:

  • Include the page’s main search term;
  • Include the page’s second main term if possible;
  • Use it to entice the click even if you do not rank #1;
  • Include your brand name if possible;
  • Keep it under 60 characters or 600 pixels.

And you need to do all this while it reads naturally.

Good luck!