The Changing Rules of Service Business Sales


WHEN: APR 22 AT 1:30p EST / 11:30a MST (Denver) / 10:30a PST

Join Credo CEO& founder John Doherty as he delivers a free training aimed to help service businesses navigate the changing landscape of selling their services to potential clients.

The world has undeniably changed in the last 6 weeks, and with that has come a whole host of challenges and problems. It’s also presented some opportunities.

John has personally spoken with over 100 agency owners since mid-March to understand what they are seeing out in the world and how they are adjusting their strategies to continue selling into a more skeptical and volatile market.

John’s also spoken with over 100 leads who are still looking to hire an agency. He’ll share that insight with you on this free training.

In this free training you will learn:

  • How service businesses are shifting their sales strategies and what they’re working on while lead volume is down;
  • The types of leads we’re still seeing coming in (and how that compares to before COVID);
  • What leads are saying now and how that is different from their language before;
  • What you need to shift in your messaging to better address new lead needs;
  • What you need to shift in your sales process to continue closing deals.

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