In 2017 we published our digital marketing pricing survey, which became one of the most referenced pricing surveys in the digital marketing industry.

184 respondents across 19 countries participated in that survey. We would love to grow that this time around so that we can provide more accurate statistics for the industry!

Thank you everyone for your contributions! We had 272 survey responses, and are now at work analyzing, visualizing, and writing up our discoveries! Stay tuned for a launch in early March 2019!

In the 2017 survey, we found many interesting insights such as:

  • Worldwide, solo consultants cost less per hour ($153.75) than agencies ($161.58-$185.49 depending on size) with smaller agencies of 2-5 people with the highest hourly rates ($185.49 per hour on average)
  • US hourly rates range from 35.54% to 222% more expensive than UK hourly rates, depending on the size of the agency.
  • With a few exceptions, monthly minimums and project minimums increase as agencies grow.

Things change over time, so we are re-running the same survey (with a few additional questions) so that we can see how pricing has changed over time, or at all.

Once again, the survey will run from January 16-27th, 2019. We aim to publish the results in March 2019, to give us enough time to properly analyze and visualize the data.

Thank you for participating!