The bi-annual Credo Digital Marketing Pricing Survey is now live! The survey is open from February 17th-March 5th 2021. We aim to publish the results in early April 2021, to give us enough time to properly analyze and visualize the data. And this year, we’re giving away three prizes!

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Some history

In 2017 we published our digital marketing pricing survey, which became one of the most referenced pricing surveys in the digital marketing industry. We published it again in 2019 with 271 respondents.

This survey has since been viewed over 100,000 times (😲😲) and helped many marketing services providers price their services better by giving real benchmarks, from industry peers, into pricing. It has also helped many companies hiring agencies set their own expectations well as to what to expect to pay.

This in turn, makes the whole industry better. Agencies charge their worth and clients have well-set expectations.

In the 2019 survey, we found many interesting insights such as:

  • Worldwide, SEO firms charge an average of ~$149 per hour;
  • 71% of US SEO agencies charge between $101-$200 per hour;
  • The average SEO consultant hourly rate worldwide as of January 2019 is $148 per hour.
  • PPC agencies on average have higher monthly minimums and retainers than consultants;
  • US PPC firms are more expensive than worldwide averages (which is consistent across our dataset);
  • 32.89% of our worldwide PPC firm respondents report charging under $100 per hour for their PPC work;
  • 1 in 5 of respondents with 50+ employees are in the $200-$300 range;
  • Almost half (45%) of agencies with 11-20 employees charge $100-$150/hr.

Things change over time, especially with the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, so we are re-running the same survey (with a few additional questions) to see how pricing has changed over time if at all.

What you could win

As a thank you for participating and helping build this industry that we all love so much, this year we are giving away three prizes. The winners will be chosen at random, and you must give your email address to be eligible and win.

The prizes are:

  1. An annual license for the Credo Lead Feed Network ($149 value)
  2. Free access to the Credo Accelerator Course ($329 value)
  3. One hour consulting on your agency with John Doherty ($600 value)

Winners will be announced when the survey results go live.

Once again, the survey will run from February 17th-28th 2021. We aim to publish the results in early April 2021, to give us enough time to properly analyze and visualize the data.

Thank you for participating!

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