I get asked often by consultants and agencies for feedback about how they sell business. I see a lot of the sales discussions happening via email between Credo pros and the businesses contacting them through the platform, so I see many varying styles.

My goal with Credo is to help you close more business. To that end, I’m starting something new – The View From My Seat.

The View From My Seat is me sharing insights with you via video about how to grow your business. I have years of agency and consulting experience under my belt and I’ve also been sold to many times when I was inhouse, so I have a unique perspective on selling and being sold to.

Here’s the deal. Because you’ve swimmingly given me your email address, you get this content for free. That’s right, it’s private to my email list only.

This first video encompasses three points:

  • Getting on the phone fast
  • Not overselling yourself at first
  • When to discuss pricing

As I said, it’s a private video and you need the password CredoPlus! to access it.

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what questions you have about sales that I can address for you!

3 Sales Techniques To Close More Business from John Doherty on Vimeo.