As I’ve been running Credo over the last year, one of the things I’ve heard most often is “I know I need to grow but I have no idea how to do it or what I need.” Because Credo is a lead generation service for marketers, this also means that conversion rates on Credo are suffering because people don’t know what they need, so they don’t do anything.

Today I’m announcing the Credo Porter service, which aims to help businesses figure out what they need so that they hire the right agency/consultant the first time. It’s very expensive and time-consuming to hire a consultant or agency, and if you hire the wrong one not only are you not making headway, but you’re wasting time and money.

Porter Service

What’s a “Porter”

If you’ve ever been to a fancy hotel you’ve seen people (almost always men) who are there to help you carry your bags in return for a tip. Also known as a bellhop, the official definition is:

a person employed to carry luggage and other loads, especially in a railroad station, airport, or hotel.

For our purposes, a Credo Porter (at this time, me) helps businesses:

  1. Figure out what they need to do to grow
  2. According to their goals, figure out the channels that they should start with
  3. Give personalized introductions to pros who fit their project the best

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The Details

The Credo Porter service costs $100 for a one-time consultation.

  1. Payments are handled via credit card and Stripe.
  2. Once you have submitted your payment, you are taken to schedule a call.
  3. You will receive a calendar invite about your request. Please accept this or add to your own calendar.

Hiring the wrong marketer is very expensive and potentially dangerous. Invest in your success and let me help you get started right.

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