tl;DR – today we’re launching the Credo Learn Center, which is a curated set of digital marketing and agency growth courses taught by recognized experts. Check it out!

For nearly a decade, since January 2013, Credo has been helping companies and brands find the right digital marketing agency to work with.

We’ve been through a bunch of iterations and team size has ebbed and flowed, but we’ve stayed true to our core reason for existing – to help companies grow.

While our primary business has always been helping brands connect with agencies, we’ve gained a few insights over the years:

  • Some businesses aren’t ready to work with an agency because they don’t have a solid business.
  • Some people think about business growth and marketing, as well as budgeting for marketing, all wrong.
  • A lot of agencies don’t deliver great results, especially when the point of contact doesn’t understand marketing or their own numbers.

Along the way we’ve been asked many times if we can teach business owners how to do marketing. While that is in keeping with our core focus of helping companies grow, our main business is busy and demanding enough that we simply don’t have the time to build courses teaching people the tactics and strategies around digital marketing, which are always changing anyways. We’re busy enough helping companies do a better job of hiring.

Because we have plenty going on in our core business, we’ve often referred people to various courses around the internet where they can go to learn marketing.

Now, it finally makes sense to bring the courses we recommend together into one place where marketers and those who need to learn more about marketing (before hiring an agency, perhaps) can go to find trusted sources where they can learn marketing from the best.

Introducing The Credo Learn Center

Today we are announcing the Credo Learn Center.

Within the Learn Center, you will find courses about digital marketing, SEO, PPC, content marketing, analytics, and growing a digital agency. These courses are delivered by industry experts such as:

  • Greg Gifford (VP Search at Searchlab Digital)
  • Tim Soulo (CMO at Ahrefs)
  • Jeff Sauer (Founder, Data Driven U)
  • Tom Critchlow (digital consultant and founder of the SEO MBA)
  • John Doherty (Founder of Credo and SEO/growth marketing veteran)

We’ve curated these instructors and their courses because they are from internationally recognized and trusted sources and experts who are qualified to teach these subjects.

This is just the start and our initial launch list. We are actively looking for more courses to list to which we can refer our thousands of marketers and business owners monthly.

To be extremely transparent, we reached out to ~25 course creators about being included in the initial launch of the Learn Center. As you can see, the creators that accepted our invitations are predominantly white males. As a white male in tech who cares very strongly about diversity and inclusivity, this doesn’t sit with me well. If you are a woman or BIPOC who has a high performing marketing course that you think we should feature, please reach out. Likewise, we commit to doing more outreach to create a more diverse community from whom to learn.

Just email [email protected] with the subject line “Course” and we’ll get back to you!


If you’re a marketer looking to level up your skills or a founder needing to learn some marketing before hiring someone to do it, I hope that you get value from the Learn Center and the listed courses.

If you’re a marketing course creator who wants to see about getting listed, reach out to [email protected] and let’s chat.

Check out the Learn Center

Until next time,

Founder & CEO, Credo