Over the last five years at Credo we’ve put a LOT of time, energy, and money into growing the company and increasing the impact that we have by helping companies connect with and ultimately hire the right digital marketing provider for their needs.

To date, we’ve helped 4,500+ companies who have a combined $150,000,000 in digital marketing budget between them. This includes brands like Adobe, Gshock, the New York Times, and many many more.

Of these, hundreds have hired an agency they met through Credo, and these clients report a 97% happiness rate. In fact, companies who hire an SEO firm through Credo see on average a 100% increase in organic traffic year on year whereas those who don’t see just a 40% increase.

We’re proud of these numbers and this impact on so many.

But we’re just getting started and nowhere close to done.

Something we’ve been asked for over the years is an easy way to refer leads to Credo. Many people already do it for free, and for that we are extremely grateful for their trust and support of the business.

Because we get asked the question so often, we have decided to formalize our Referral Program, officially announced today with this blog post.

Let me be very clear here:

We want to pay you money for sending leads that are not a good fit for your services to Credo.

With this, we have a goal. By the end of January 2021, I want Credo to pay out at least $5,000 in referral fees. And I want you to get your cut!

How it works

The Credo Referral Program is a way for marketing providers (and related industries, like development and design) to refer people to Credo who are looking to hire a digital marketing (or development) partner but don’t want to go do all the work themselves.

Here’s how the program works:

  1. You apply to be approved as a Referral Partner
  2. We review and approve you as long as you meet the criteria on the Referral Program page
  3. You get your unique referral link
  4. Use it to send people to Credo when they’re not a good fit for your own services and you don’t have somewhere to send them.

If they are qualified for Credo with over $2,500/mo in marketing spend, we’ll pay you $250 the next month after their project is created. If their budget is under $2,500/mo, we’ll pay you $100.

Learn more.

How Credo works

Here at Credo we take a high touch approach to connecting companies with our network of pre-vetted digital marketing and development providers.

For every company spending more than $2,500 on marketing each month, we ask them to schedule a call with our in-house team of matching specialists. On that call we learn more about their company, marketing programs, and needs. Then, we match them through our proprietary software with up to 3 agencies who meet their needs and can help them accomplish their goals.

For leads under $2,500 in marketing budget, we send them to a separate list of providers (currently in beta with the waitlist here) and interested agencies reach out directly.

For more information, check out the full How Credo works page.

Important notes

The Credo Referral Program is in beta, which means it’s a bit rough around the edges but not nearly as rough as the Alpha!

Because of this, we don’t currently have:

  • A way for you to log in to see your referrals. If you want to see how many clicks your referral link generates, we recommend using a tool like Bit.ly.
  • A way for you to see projects generated from your referrals. We track these internally in our system and review referrals weekly.

If this program works as we hope, then we do plan to build in some of these features or migrate to an affiliate platform that makes it all easier.

Interested in joining the Referral Program?

Get started here.