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AI (artificial intelligence) writing tools are growing up right before our very eyes. Whether you’re a blogger, marketer, or content creator, these AI chatbots are there to help you save time, write more effective copy, and streamline your content creation process.

However, while these AI content writing tools become smarter, faster, and far more intuitive each year, the number of services has also skyrocketed. The market is now saturated with new AI writing tools all claiming to be the best of the crop.

In this article, we compare some of the best AI writing tools available in 2023, along with their pros and cons. We’ll also discuss how to use AI chatbots to grow your own brand.

What is AI Writing?

AI writing uses natural language processing (NLP), natural language generation (NLG), and machine learning algorithms to analyze, interpret, and generate content. 

Some common AI writing functions include:

  • Content generation: AI writers can generate a wide range of content types, from articles and blog posts to social media posts and email newsletters.
  • Paraphrasing and rewriting: Most AI writing tools can rephrase and rewrite existing content to avoid or check for plagiarism and generate unique content.
  • Tone and style customization: AI writing tools can customize the tone and style of content to fit a specific audience, writing style, or brand.
  • Grammar and spelling checks: AI writing tools can check for grammatical errors and spelling mistakes in content.
  • SEO optimization: Some AI writing tools can even optimize content for search engines by suggesting relevant keywords and improving readability.

While AI writing functions can be incredibly useful for these functions, remember that they are not a replacement for human writers. AI writing tools should be considered a supplement to human writing, rather than a replacement–at least at this point!

Why Use AI Content Writing Tools?

AI writing tools can improve content quality and save money by increasing overall productivity. Mostly by taking over more menial, time-consuming tasks to free up hands for more important ones. More specifically, these tools can help your business improve:


AI writing software can be a significant productivity booster in the office. By handling tedious tasks like grammar checks and re-reading, your team can have more time to focus on other crucial aspects of the business.


AI writing tools can assist in creating original and engaging content for your business’s website or blog. These tools help people put their thoughts into words in a clear and concise manner, making content creation easier, more coherent, and more efficient.


Employees won’t have to spend as much time writing content, leaving more time for other important tasks. An AI content generator can also help produce optimized content that ranks high on search engines, further increasing website traffic and sales.


Many companies already utilize AI strategies to personalize approaches in their marketing—such as tailoring content to specific user personas. After all, 73% of shoppers expect brands to understand their unique needs and expectations.

The Best AI Content Writing Tools

With the emergence of dozens of new AI writing tools in the past couple of years, it can be hard to figure out which option is right for you. Some are better at certain tasks than others and they are also trained on different amounts of data inputs. Generally, the more data that an AI writing tool is trained on, the more rigorous and accurate they are.

Keep in mind that most AI content writing tools do not create content pulled directly from the web. Instead, they are trained on datasets (knowledge, content, information). Most of the tools on this list are trained on GPT-3 or GPT-3.5, which means they only access data up to 2021. However, this may change soon.

With that said, back to the tools! To help organize that decision-making process for your brand, here are some of the top AI content generators and writing tools available today: 


Best for: Newcomers to AI writing tools

Free version: Yes

Right now, ChatGPT is the preeminent AI writing tool. Chances are, you’ve heard of it (a couple of thousand times) by now. Onboarding 100 million users within the first two months of launch in December 2022, Bing’s free chatbot is currently stealing the show. 

With ChatGPT, you can generate various types of text, including articles, product descriptions, ad copy, and more. The key advantages of using ChatGPT include:

  • Efficient and automatic generation of unique content on a vast range of topics
  • Built-in grammar and syntax correction for error-free writing
  • Ability to generate content for different types of web pages such as a blog post, landing page, product description, and more
  • Enhances readability and engagement by rephrasing and expanding content
  • Over 175 billion parameters available to generate a wide variety of content*

* Parameters in AI are variables adjusted during training. These variables determine how input data is transformed into desired output data, allowing the model to better understand patterns and improve accuracy. For reference, ChatGPT uses over 175 billion parameters. The next closest is Bard, with 770 million parameters.

By the way, if you’re using ChatGPT, try out the free AIPRM Chrome extension with 1-click prompts to help you speed up your content quality and workflows.

Google Bard

Best for: Writing like actual humans

Free version: Yes

Bard AI is Google’s newly beta-released AI language model that can generate high-quality, human-like text based on a given prompt, using Google’s Language Model for Dialogue Applications (LaMDA). Bard is the new kid on the block. It just launched in March 2023 and currently has a waitlist to access the application.

Here are some of the notable features of Bard:

  • Bard AI draws responses using Google’s next-generation and improved LaMDA.
  • Human-like text generation that emulates natural conversations
  • Fast interference speed for quick and efficient text generation
  • Integration with Google Cloud for seamless usage and management
  • Pre-training on diverse data to enable high-quality text generation on a broad range of topics
  • Customization and fine-tuning capabilities to optimize text generation for specific use cases


Best for: Non-writers who need to write business or marketing copy

Free version: No — free trial available

Jasper.AI is a powerful tool for AI generated content that helps writers overcome their writer’s block. You can create content for various forms such as blogs, articles, books, scripts, and more. All you have to do is choose the subject area and fill in the details, and Jasper will write the content for you using AI-assisted outputs. 

Jasper has 65+ templates for various content types like blog posts, articles, Facebook ads, Quora answers, video scripts, and more. Key features include:

  • Long-form document editor, which allows you to write full documents (1,500+ word) with AI-assisted outputs
  • Plagiarism detector, ensuring that your content is original and free of copied material
  • Automated article writing software, which can almost write your articles for you when given clear parameters and prompts
  • Facebook community for support, job opportunities, and more
  • Ability to write in multiple languages


Best for: Writing news-related or long-form content

Free version: Yes

Writesonic’s AI-powered content generation technology is a great option to generate high-quality website copy and marketing text. With this AI content writer, you can quickly generate blog posts, product descriptions, marketing headlines, and various Google and Facebook ads. Some of the main benefits of using Writesonic include:

  • Quick and automated generation of unique content on a wide range of topics
  • Built-in grammar correction tool for error-free writing
  • Ability to generate content for different types of web pages such as blog posts, landing pages, product descriptions, and more
  • Rephrases and expands content for better readability and engagement
  • Over 60 AI writing tools available to generate a wide variety of content.


Best for: Optimizing content for conversions

Free version: No — free trial available

SuperBuzz analyzes a website’s content, layout, and design to determine the best images and text for marketing, automating campaign creation and reducing time spent on daily tasks. It simplifies creating push notifications, helping website owners maximize profits. Key benefits include:

  • Helps maximize CTR (click-through rate) and on-site performance
  • Boost website traffic with SuperBuzz’s AI Engine
  • SuperBuzz automatically creates campaigns and drives traffic to your site.
  • Automatic A/B testing based on SuperBuzz’s AI Engine
  • Self-learning AI engine adapts to user behavior and trends
  • Fast and easy installation with a small tag on your website for analytics


Best for: Writing SEO content & assisting with SEO tasks

Free version: No

WriterZen is an AI writer that streamlines SEO-focused content creation. It includes various features such as keyword and topic research and a plagiarism checker that helps generate content that ranks on search engines. It also helps in discovering new topics using specific keywords, making it easier to reach your audience. 

The main benefits include:

  • Provides access to SEO tools for website content creation and optimization
  • Offers income estimates based on SEO goals and user insights to develop content strategy
  • Helps managers find trending keywords, analyze topic clusters, and create content outlines for future reference
  • Facilitates collaboration among team members through a content brief exchange
  • Enables construction of structured knowledge base and customized keyword database


Best for: Writing and optimizing SEO-friendly content in real-time

Free version: No — free trial available

INK Editor is an AI writing tool that is designed for co-writing and optimizing SEO. It offers two main features – an SEO assistant and an AI co-writing tool. The SEO assistant analyzes content in real time and provides suggestions to improve SEO scores. The AI co-writing feature helps users write clearer, SEO-friendly copy.

INK Editor offers several other key features, including:

  • Metadata optimization
  • Image optimization through compression and resizing
  • Spelling and grammar correction
  • AI-writing, AI-simplifying, and AI-expanding functionalities
  • Integration into WordPress


Best for: Helping businesses scale their digital marketing strategy

Free version: No — free trial available

Scalenut is a powerful marketing tool that is specifically designed to help businesses scale. With this AI writing tool, users can easily generate an entire keyword plan for their niche and develop a content management strategy to dominate those terms. Scalenut is divided into four main sections: research, creation, optimization, and marketing copy.

  • Research: This section allows users to gather insights and semantic key terms to outpace their competition.
  • Creation: Streamlined content creation as users can write SEO content that ranks and offers real-time optimization based on SERP statistics.
  • Optimization: Scalenut offers real-time feedback on content performance with a dynamic SEO score to help users improve on the go without revisions.
  • Marketing Copy: With over 40 templates, users can write persuasive copy that brings conversions for a variety of formats, including product descriptions, website copy, copywriting frameworks, and email copywriting.


Best for: Working through writer’s block

Free version: Yes

CopyAI is an AI content writing tool that offers various automated creativity tools. It also provides a wide range of AI-generated templates to assist you in initiating your project. A fan favorite is the long-form document editor that allows you to work on your ideas in one place. Ecommerce brands love CopyAI for the product description workflow feature.

Here are the main features of CopyAI:

  • Free tools that do not require registration, such as email subject line generator, Instagram caption generator, and business name generator
  • Access to 100+ templates that can be used to generate copy
  • Available in multiple languages
  • Emphasis on your target audience
  • Product description workflow
  • Long-form document editor


Best for: Writing punchy short-form content

Free version: Yes

Rytr is an AI-powered content writing platform that produces unique and compelling articles in the right tone and style for various topics and niches. Its algorithms are trained on historical data to ensure grammatical correctness and quality output.

Using Rytr’s AI writing assistant, your article will be ready in minutes without the need for human intervention. It can produce text for product descriptions, video scripts, social media channels, reviews, short-form blog posts, and more. Key features include:

  • Automated character count, word count, and tone checker
  • Plagiarism check ensures you have the highest quality of content.
  • Grammar check for your writing to make it professional-level
  • Discover what works best for your idea by generating content from our vast library of over 2,000 ideas.
  • Personalize your content with a professional touch using Form Generator.

How Brands Can Make Decisions About Using AI Writing Tools

When it comes to improving marketing strategies and increasing sales, AI writing tools can be a game-changer for businesses of all sizes. 

If you’re interested in using an AI writing assistant but don’t know where to start, here are some factors to consider when choosing the right AI tool for your company:

  • Features: The specific features offered by the tool, such as content generation, SEO optimization, and co-writing capabilities
  • Learning Curve: The ease of use and user interface, as well as any learning curve required to use the tool effectively
  • Costs: The cost and whether it fits within your budget
  • Customer Satisfaction: Reviews and testimonials from other users to gain insights into their experiences and whether the tool is effective

By evaluating these factors, you can find an AI writing tool that best suits your company’s needs and goals, helping you to improve your writing skills and generate effective content.

A Parting Warning On AI Writing Tools

While they are all mind-bogglingly impressive feats of technology, remember that AI chatbots are still a work in progress. Producing high-quality content will require the input of human content writers. 

It’s essential to have a clear understanding of the questions being asked and to verify the results. Don’t rely on just AI writing tools to churn out factually correct information. Their answers are limited to the availability of data that trained their natural language processing. Make your query as clear as possible and then verify the response. 

Basically, they may not always be accurate. When they don’t have access to enough information, they tend to state falsities as facts. But as long as you fact-check their outputs, there are far more benefits than drawbacks to using these tools. 

Wrapping Up

AI writing tools can be incredibly useful for creating high-quality, engaging content quickly. However, it’s important to remember that they are not a replacement for human writers. They are what the name implies: a tool for writing. 

Outsourcing Your Content Writing 

If the learning curve of AI writing tools is too much to handle right now, there are other options out there. The best content writing professionals are available through Credo.

After all, a successful content writing strategy depends on a great team. Try Credo to connect with reputable content strategy professionals who can help you create and execute an SEO-friendly strategy for high search engine ranking.

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