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Content marketing is hard. If it were easy to stick to a content publishing schedule with consistency, everyone would be doing it–and doing it well.

But that’s just not the reality in most cases.

In fact, over 60% of brands say they struggle to produce consistent content.


You know you should publish more content–or be more consistent– but it takes time and effort. Most brands have bought into the idea that blogging can build your business. For the most part, they are right.

Many startups, personal brands, and content creators (think about Moz, Buffer, Tim Ferris and so many more) based online have found that editorial content has many benefits, such as:

  • Attracting links to your domain, which helps with SEO;
  • More content on your domain focused around keywords people search helps with SEO;
  • Building your authority as an expert in your space leads to other marketing opportunities;
  • More content to promote in other places and for others to share with their audience.

One of the lowest hanging opportunities for most businesses is simple – publishing on a schedule.

If you look at the most trafficked blogs on the web, they have this in common: they publish consistently so that their followers know when to expect new content and what they will be talking about.

So how often do blogs publish? Let’s take a look at the key to success for content publishing veterans.

Tim Ferriss

Tim Ferriss needs no introduction.

The man wrote The Four Hour Work Week, Four Hour Chef, and Four Hour Body (books link), all of which hit number one on the NYT Bestseller list.

He’s well known for mini-retirements, his #1 business podcast, and his angel investing (Uber, Twitter, etc).

His blog has a lot of gems on it about automation, remote living, learning, and more. These days, it’s mostly centered around his podcast and introducing his guests.

While he has guest bloggers from time to time (all of whom have done amazing things), he (or his team) consistently puts new content on the blog at least once a week. Usually, Mondays when new podcast episodes come out.

And according to Semrush, he gets eye-popping traffic on a regular basis:


Smart Passive Income

Smart Passive Income is a blog written by a well-known blogger named Pat Flynn, who basically makes his income through different web properties that he owns and operates.

Most of these properties on which he sells advertising or uses affiliate links to monetize. As he operates this business (and “passive” is a misnomer because he works very hard), he also teaches others how to do it.

Pat has a podcast and does a lot of content other than just blogging, which is a lesson in and of itself in varying the types of marketing you can do.

But on his blog specifically, he publishes twice a week. Sometimes it’s a blog post and a podcast, sometimes podcast and video, but he publishes twice a week almost without fail.


Michael Hyatt (Full Focus)

Michael Hyatt is a blogger, speaker, entrepreneur, executive, and coach. He used to be the CEO of Thomas Nelson Publishing, but since about 2011/2012 he’s been blogging and building his business online.

Recently, he rebranded from Michael Hyatt Co. to Full Focus. This is an excellent lesson if you ever plan to rebrand as he shifts the spotlight off him and onto the community he is trying to build. He leveraged the brand he built over more than a decade and did a masterful job in bringing the business to the next level.

Michael is a prolific writer and content creator, publishing three times per week. One of the things I respect most about him is his transparency around why. He used to publish five days per week but then realized that his audience was likely being overloaded, so he asked how often they’d want content and adjusted his frequency based on that.

Good work Michael–and huge congratulations on this fantastic rebrand!


I Will Teach You To Be Rich

Ramit Sethi’s I Will Teach You To Be Rich is way more than just a blog these days.

The brand now offers premium courses– on focuses such as copywriting, finding your dream job, launching a new business, building a consulting business–and much more.

Over on the blog, though, they publish at a minimum every Friday–and sometimes more often during the week. Look through the archives and you will see that it has been forever since they missed a Friday publishing!

Consistency is key, especially when your audience expects it, and Ramit and the team never miss a beat.

While I seriously doubt that Ramit is still the one writing all of that content, the team writes it consistently in his brand voice and their domain received a ton more organic traffic as a result, according to Semrush:



Darren Rowse is an Australian blogger who has been writing ProBlogger for years. As they say on the homepage, they have a community of over 300,000 bloggers that cover topics like creating, starting, and monetizing a blog.

The ProBlogger blog allows bloggers to pitch guest posts as well. I even wrote one back in 2012!

ProBlogger continues to crank out an amazing amount of content each week, most weeks publishing every single day. On the front page of the blog, I have only found one day that they missed in recent history.

And well, their organic traffic could be better (but that’s likely due to some technical concerns or algorithm issues, likely Panda in 2012):



CopyBlogger is the creation of Boulder Colorado-based entrepreneur Brian Clark, who also hosts the Unemployable podcast (and runs a number of other businesses).

Brian has been in the content marketing space since before it was called content marketing. As one of the earliest bloggers online, he built a fantastic following and has continued to branch into other areas as he sees the potential for new areas to make an impact.

CopyBlogger also operates the Rainmaker platform, which is a fantastic platform for publishing and promoting your own content whether you blog, vlog, podcast, or any combination above.

CopyBlogger the blog publishes every day of the week except for Sunday.

They have many various writers publishing on the site, giving it a wide range of voices and topics covered.

Their organic traffic looks pretty solid, too:


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