I’m involved in a few different groups of consultants and agency owners online, including Credo. One question I see a bunch is agency owners or consultants asking others how often they speak with their clients.

This is a very important question, but I also want to turn it around a bit and say that it’s the wrong question. If you’re asking this question, you’re really just looking for the bare minimum that you can do. In reality, if you just do the bare minimum then you’re not really doing your job, or at least you’re not going to grow that account.

In this video, I try to tackle this age old question and also paint for you why I think you need to be speaking with your clients at least weekly. I also recognize that I work with just a few high-ticket clients at a time, and it’s a challenge to do this with a bunch of smaller clients. But it’s worth it IMO.

Here you go:

What do you think? How often do you communicate with your clients?

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