Here at Credo, we’re bringing transparency to the digital marketing consulting industry. Digital marketing is an opaque industry where a lot of practitioners do not do a great job for their clients and thus earn the industry a bad name (if you’ve been in SEO for more than a few years you are well familiar with this) and hurts all of us. Most importantly, great honest businesses experience harm. I want to put a stop to this.

Today I’ve pushed a new feature that I furthers the goal of bringing transparency – reviews! Now clients of all Credo partners (consultants and agencies) can leave a review complete with a star rating, a review title, and a longer form review of their experience working with the partner. Reviews are not a new revolutionary idea, but they are a key way that people vet businesses online (think Yelp) and thus are a necessity on Credo.

A few things to note:

  • Reviews left will be approved by the partner, as this assures that the reviewer was actually a client.
  • The partner will have an opportunity to respond to reviews on their profile page.
  • Reviews will not be removed after they are posted.

You can see where Reviews will appear on every profile. Here’s how mine looks:


Over time, I hope that reviews will grow and all businesses coming to Credo looking to hire a consultant or agency will be better able to make the right choice about who to contact. Over time, this will lead to happier and more successful businesses on both sides of the marketplace!

Until next time –

Founder, Credo