Hello digital marketing enthusiasts!

It’s me, John, founder of Credo. Today I am excited to announce that Credo Pro is once again open to new pros. Pro closed at the beginning of October so that we could rethink the sign-up flow to ensure that only the right agencies are able to get onto the platform, and that has indeed happened.

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What Changed

Many have asked why I closed down Credo Pro. There were two main reasons:

  1. I needed to rethink the sign-up flow so that I only do phone calls with potential pros who are the right fit for Credo based off of a few factors:
    • They work with budgets that fit most of the leads coming through Credo;
    • They work with many verticals and industries. It has been a challenge for Credo to generate leads for people who specialize in specific verticals (such as law or real estate) or who specialize in something other than SEO.
    • Agencies have a dedicated sales team or person who is responsible for responding to leads quickly.
  2. I was traveling for half of October and most of November, and in November was overseas. Time zones did not work for calls with agencies in the United States.

So I reworked the flow, which now works like this:

  1. There is a form embedded on the Become A Pro page that asks you five (5) questions to learn if you meet the criteria for a successful Credo Pro.
  2. If you meet that criteria, you will be taken to a page where you can schedule a 30 minute phone call with me to discuss becoming a Credo Pro. If we both agree that you are a good fit for Credo Pro, I will then send you the next steps via email.
  3. If you do not meet the criteria, no problem. That simply means that Credo Pro is not right for you. You will be added to a mailing list where I send the occasional free content.

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Credo Pro works. I’ve sent over $1.2M worth of work to pros in the last year. And it’s only growing and picking up steam, so what are you waiting for?

I look forward to having many of you on Credo Pro and helping you continue to build your digital marketing agency or consultancy. Let’s go!

Always rooting for you –