Brandon Doyle is a cofounder of Wallaroo Media, based in Provo, Utah. Brandon was actually the first person I ever sold a lead to through what was at the time HireGun, and now Credo.

Brandon and his cofounder Kade have become good friends and trusted peers of mine in the industry. They brought me out to speak at SLCSEM in February in Utah, we spent 5 days together in Mexico at CredoCamp in April, and we’ve hung out at numerous conferences over the last few years. I even got to try on a Wallaroo head at their office.

I’m super happy to introduce you to Brandon in this podcast, where we delve into Wallaroo and talk through these specific questions:

  • How they knew it was time to do their own thing
  • How they got their first client(s)
  • When they knew it was going to work and they wouldn’t have to go get another job
  • When they officially formed a business and how you did that
  • What they would have done differently in hindsight
  • What it would take to get them to go work for someone again

Enjoy! And if you want to contact Wallaroo Media about working with them, just visit their profile.