Sometimes in business you get a chance to talk with one of the people you have come to respect most. That’s this week on the CredoCast, as I had the privilege to chat with Mike Ramsey who is the founder of Nifty Marketing, based in Burley Idaho.

Mike is a tireless proponent of entrepreneurship and I’ve seen first hand all that he does to bring agency entrepreneurs together to share knowledge. He also gave a great talk at MozCon 2016 sharing a lot of the wins that his team has had over the years at Nifty.

In this episode, I learned a ton about Mike. Some of the things we talked about are:

  • How he became a member of Idaho’s potato association and a potato broker (!?!) in order to have an online business
  • How he thinks about agency growth and when he hired his first people
  • Why they focused on law SEO and how blogging has put Nifty on the map
  • Why he left a multiple six figures job straight out of college to work for himself.

I hope you enjoy the listen as much as I enjoyed the conversation!