Today’s CredoCast guest is someone that I have known for a long time through the digital marketing industry, but learned a ton about during the podcast – Akvile Defazio. Akvile relaunched her consulting practice under the name AKvertise in 2017, which really shows off her keen eye for detail and doing things right.

During this conversation, we went through the usual questions I ask guests, but Akvile really went above and beyond to give some amazing tips for starting out as a freelancer, especially since she had never worked with an agency before starting her own!

In this episode you will learn a lot about Akvile, such as:

  • Why she still has not yet formed an official business entity
  • How she used to make money from Craigslist as a child
  • What she wishes she had known before going on her own two years

I must say, it is has been fantastic to follow her journey over the last couple of years.

She’s building something real over there at AKvertise, so watch this space and listen to the podcast!