Today’s guest is someone I have known for about a year and had the pleasure of sharing a meal with a few times on visits to Bend, Oregon. He’s a smart entrepreneur who has a fascinating personal as well as business story.

Blake Denman is the founder of Rickety Roo, a digital marketing agency for local businesses. Blake and his team are based in Bend, but they of course work with brick and mortar clients around the nation to drive them more business, whether that be foot traffic or phone calls.

Blake’s specialty is SEO, but his team also does fantastic work with AdWords and social media advertising.

In this ~30 minute conversation, you’ll learn:

  • Why Blake made the move to Bend
  • How he got his first client when he went on his own (this is true evidence of Blake’s badassery)
  • Some of the hard lessons he’s learned over the years

Without further ado, have a listen to Blake Denman!