I started experimenting with podcasting a few years ago. It’s taken off over the last few years, and over that course of time I’ve somehow racked up over 40 interviews (which you can find all of them here). By the numbers:

  • 40 interviews
  • Somewhere around 1200 minutes of content produced

I started doing video with this latest season, Season 3.

Since November there have been over 16,000 minutes of content watched on my YouTube channel as well:

Here are the top episodes. Britney Muller, as expected, was a real hit with her actionable insights into doing SEO for Moz.com:

I’ve had some amazing guests, people like:

  • Rand Fishkin, formerly of Moz;
  • Adii Pienaar, cofounder of WooCommerce and founder of Conversio;
  • Aaron Orendorff of Shopify Plus;
  • Ross Simmonds of Foundation Marketing/Crate;
  • Britney Muller of Moz;
  • Aleyda Solis, international SEO expert,
  • Brian Dean, SEO and marketing expert;
  • And many more.

The future of the CredoCast

I’m putting the CredoCast on hiatus until the fall, at which point I do plan to bring it back. I’m taking a break for the summer because of a lot of travel to conferences and personal, and my wife and I just bought a house and are going to be moving in and have a lot of projects. I also plan to invest in a better AV setup once we are in the new house, and that will take time to set up.

The CredoCast is super fun to do and I’ve had a fantastic time connecting with the amazing guests I’ve had. I’ve learned a lot and hopefully you have as well.

For the next season, I want to know two things:

  1. Who do you want to see on the show, and
  2. What should I ask them?

The CredoCast is about growing businesses. That’s what we’re about at Credo – helping businesses grow though content, finding an agency, tool recommendations, whatever you need.

So who would you like to learn from, and what should I ask them?

Leave your comment below and let me know!

Two more quick things:

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  2. Subscribe to CredoCast on iTunes.