Why you need processes for your business (especially sales)

Posted by on February 23, 2021 in Agency growth/CredoCast/Pro Blog/Sales

When I come across service businesses, especially agencies, that are struggling to grow it’s usually because processes are not in place to allow them to scale. Whether it’s a marketing process, a payroll process, or a sales process, getting these squared away in your business will only make it more sane, more profitable, and incredibly better to run. In this episode I talk about an agency I spoke with where I helped them rework their sales process to great effect….

Why you should raise your prices

Posted by on February 16, 2021 in Agency growth/CredoCast/Pro Blog

I hear from way too many service businesses who haven’t raised their rates in way too long. Some of them, their teams are even begging them to raise their rates! So here’s the newest episode of the CredoCast. Why you should raise your prices as a service business. We cover: How you’re losing money (not just not making it) every year if you’re not Why higher rates leads to happier and more successful clients How to raise your rates so…

How to optimize your agency for profitability – Marcel Petitpas from Parakeeto

Posted by on April 21, 2020 in Agency growth/CredoCast

Is your service business optimized for profitability? Do you know where you are making money and where you are bleeding money? Making the agency model work comes down to three things: Hiring good people who get clients results and help you retain those clients; Charging the right prices for your services; Getting proper data on work to know which teams and projects are profitable and which are not. Marcel Petitpas is the cofounder and CEO of Parakeeto, which is a…

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