Are you struggling to close enough of the leads you’re receiving into business? While some marketers just get referral business and can close those with very little effort, when you’re in growth mode or trying to close bigger contracts you need a sales process that works for you.

There are four main reasons we see here at Credo that agencies and consultants struggle to close work, even when that referral is super warm and actively looking to work with someone.

They are:

  1. You’re not specifying the channels you specialize in and the client verticals you do the best work in.
  2. You don’t have case studies proving this
  3. You’re tossing proposals over the fence without understanding what the client wants and needs *and what they can pay*
  4. You’re not showing your face and personality!

In this episode of the Credo Podcast I dive deep into each of these and how you can fix each part of your process so that you can see dramatic improvements in your close rates.

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