The executive’s guide to hiring a digital marketing agency: Writing an Agency Brief

Writing an Agency Brief

One of the areas we help marketing teams is to define their project so that they can approach an agency in a way that makes sense for both parties.

At the risk of giving away our business model, we want to teach you how to write a marketing brief yourself so that you can approach agencies in total confidence.

Marketing Brief Examples

Here are two marketing brief examples from our clients—redacted for privacy:

(NAME) is the (TITLE) at (COMPANY), an online marketplace that sells (product type). The site has more than 1,500 unique products and its inventory changes on a daily basis. 

Currently, they are looking for an agency to work with them on their SEO needs. They have been struggling to implement basic SEO principles and build momentum with their current SEO agency. There, they are looking for someone to help them increase organic traffic and conversions on their site through a more focused SEO campaign that addresses on-page optimization, keyword targeting, link building, and other appropriate strategies. Another area of opportunity to explore after SEO needs are addressed is content marketing.

(COMPANY) is a B2B-focused software company that provides a tool for (vertical) to communicate with customers, bill customers, and manage their business.

They’ve been in business for a year and are about to raise another investment round. Going into that, they want to put together a comprehensive digital strategy to help them open up the top of their funnel and drive more leads. They are also interested in having a team to help them build a new customer-facing website that will rank and convert better to increase sales.

If you look at these examples, you will see that they follow a specific template that we have refined over the last few years. Please, feel free to take this template and apply it to your marketing briefs and use it in your own digital strategy meetings.

Key Aspects of a Marketing Brief

First, you need to identify who you are, who your company is, and what you do. For instance, here would be Credo’s introductory paragraph:

“John is the founder of—a SaaS-based, hiring platform that matches prospective brands with pre-vetted digital agencies.”

Second, you need to identify the problem you are looking to solve.

“They want to put together a digital marketing strategy to help them open up the top of their marketing funnel and drive more leads.”

Third, you need to identify where you plan to go from there. 

“They are potentially interested in content marketing services after they fix their most-pressing SEO issues—as well as developing a smartphone app.”

Finally, you need to define your budget. We do not do that publicly for the projects that come through Credo, but we always ask you what your determined budget is. We can help with that on the phone call, and you can also get a better idea of digital marketing pricing benchmarks through our Digital Marketing Industry Pricing Survey.


graph explaining the average hourly rate, avg monthly minimum, avg single project minimum by agency size

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