A Detailed Guide to Vetting and Hiring an E-commerce PPC Agency: Good Dye Young Case Study

Good Dye Young Case Study

Good Dye Young 

When it became apparent that hair product company Good Dye Young had outgrown their previous marketing agency, Jackie Myers, who was the digital marketing manager at the time, turned to Google to look for a new digital marketing agency that was the right fit, had previous beauty experience, and was in their budget. 

“I was Googling a lot,” says Jackie. “My previous company that I worked for before Good Dye Young didn’t use agencies, so I didn’t have any connections. It was extremely time-consuming.” 

Simply put, Jackie didn’t know what she didn’t know about hiring and vetting eCommerce agencies

Turning to Credo to find the right eCommerce digital marketing agency

She knew she needed help to find the right eCommerce digital marketing agency fit, and remembers thinking this was “too good to be true” when she first heard about Credo.

“I was wary that [Credo] was not going to get great results or they’re not going to get a good enough list of people,” she says. 

These concerns turned out to be completely unfounded.

Jackie was blown away by Credo’s process. 

“I keep going back to Credo’s curation process,” says Jackie. “I think it’s so cool to word vomit at somebody and then for them to understand exactly what you need and give you back a list of people who fit in that and who they think might also be above what you were even thinking.” 

Good Dye Young was looking for an agency with hard skills like extensive paid social expertise and prior experience working with beauty clients without compromising agency/client fit. 

“I’m pretty young and still growing within the professional industry,” says Jackie. “One of the biggest things was finding somebody willing to teach or allow me to watch over their shoulder while they do something. We pivot faster than most people do. And so, I wanted to be able to work with somebody that had the confidence to be able to show me and trust me, and work together on that.”

Within a business day, Credo took all of her feedback and connected her with three agencies from the Credo vetted network of agencies that met her criteria. 

“It was specifically picked out of people who had the experience in the beauty industry, which we asked for, and had the personality we were looking for,” she says. “And then, I was able to talk to all of them and suss out who would be the best fit for us.”

It was an easy, smooth process that almost felt too good to be true. “I was like, ‘What’s the catch here? Because this seems awesome.’”

Finding her unicorn agency partner

Fast forward a couple of weeks. Jackie ended up hiring her unicorn agency: Canal Digital Studio. 

Hiring Canal Digital Studio felt like an aspirational hire for the team. 

“We needed to find people who were the next level up,” says Jackie. “Canal stood out immediately [in the list Credo shared] in the fact that they had worked with bigger brands than us and had helped elevate them. I think that’s what made them stand out compared to our previous agency that we worked with. It was almost like an aspirational thing.”

She also appreciated that they were small, nimble, and that their personalities meshed. 

“They’re very straight-to-the-point and efficient,’ Jackie says, “which is [important] when you’re a small company and moving really fast is important” she said.

As a small team that works fast, she appreciates that Canal Digital Studio is not only fast and flexible but also open to learning new things. 

“Canal Digital Studio helped us not only push our boundaries of ads and our knowledge and stuff like that, but we also pushed back on them,” Jackie notes. “So there were things like, we’d be like, ‘Hey, what about TikTok? What about Snapchat?’ 

“And they’re like, ‘We’re not experts in that but we’ll look into it.’ They were game. They were like, ‘All right, if you want to do Snapchat, you think your audience is there, we’ll figure it out. We’ll do it.’ 

“And I think that goes back to when I talked to Credo, to begin with, for the curation of finding agencies who want to work with you.

“That’s why we went with Canal: because they’re game for anything

“Give them a budget, and they’ll figure out how to do it. And if they don’t think it’s going to work, they’ll tell you they’re honest and transparent. I think that’s refreshing in a digital marketing age.”

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