The SaaS SEO Guide – How to do SEO for SaaS businesses: How to start SEO at your SaaS Company

How to start SEO at your SaaS Company

What to do next

Now that you’ve learned all about SEO, what it involves, and how to measure it and set yourself up for success you may be asking:

Where do we go from here?

This depends on your company and your available budget. If you already have a team in place and are not yet ready to hire a full time SEO, then you might be ready to work with a consultant to direct your team or an agency to both set the strategy and get some of the work done for you.

If your business is doing great revenue and you’ve worked with a consultant or agency to see the bigger opportunity and how to get there, then it might be time to hire.

Either way, I’d be happy to consult with you on your strategy through Credo’s Porter Service. We’ll spend an hour talking about your business and your goals, and I can give you my recommendations from 12+ years doing SEO and running marketing teams, as well as seeing over 6,000 businesses  and 1,000 SaaS companies come through Credo looking to hire or move their company in the right direction.

Check out the Porter Service

Should you hire an agency or a consultant

The next question you may have is whether you should hire a solo consultant or an agency to help you with your SEO.

Once again, this depends on your business and the team you have in place as well as if you are going to hire someone full time.

Consultants are fantastic for strategy and for audits. Depending on the consultant, they may be able to offer a set of services such as link building though you should recognize that they will likely use some outside contractors for that. This is a necessity of the solo consultant world in order to make such a setup profitable for the consultant.

If you need a broader set of services, such as both SEO and PPC or Facebook Ads, then you should work with an agency. If you need SEO services as well as SEO strategy, then you will be better served the vast majority of the time to work with an agency over a consultant.

You might be scared of the thought of working with an agency because they have more overhead than a solo consultant, but I encourage you to be open minded about an agency. The agency model can work well when you need multiple services and an account manager to wrangle internal teams. Think abut that account manager like a product manager – they are being paid to wrangle the troops and keep things moving forward.

Don’t be afraid to pay for that if you don’t have someone internally that can manage all the external providers you have. A great account manager is worth their weight in gold.

How to know who to hire

Besides using Credo’s Porter Service, we have also created a guide to hiring for you. Hiring is hard, and whether you are trying to build a team internally or figure out how to hire the right agency/provider to work with, you need guidance.

I recommend that you download our Guide to Hiring, which is a 23 page ebook that takes you through exercises to determine the right approach for you.

You can either do that here,  or if you sign up to receive this SaaS SEO guide by download then you will receive it with that as well in a couple of days.

This page last updated on December 3, 2021 by John Doherty

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