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Revenue generating businesses online underleverage email the most of any marketing channel. Meanwhile, some companies like ExactTarget (themselves an email marketing platform) have shown data that for every dollar spent, email marketing returns $44 (source). That number is incredible because it means that so many companies are literally leaving free revenue on the table.

I (John) have personally seen the power of email marketing in my own businesses as well as the companies I have worked with. In one case, we saw a 400% increase in traffic and conversions because of the email strategy I architected and that my team drove towards implementation. Email accounted for a huge part of our monthly visits and conversions. Since then, I have become an email marketing convert and believe that any business not doing email marketing is missing out on a large potential chunk of revenue. Once I implemented the start of a triggered email strategy on Credo, I’ve seen a traffic bump and more inquiries from businesses as well as better quantitative and qualitative feedback based off other emails I send. So I wrote this free transactional email marketing course to help you build your own business.

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What Nick Says About The Full Course

Nick Eubanks IFTF“Email is one of those marketing mediums everyone understands; so making a case for the importance of email is not hard – but knowing HOW to leverage email as part of your marketing mix, well that’s another story. This 7 day guide to understanding the in’s and out’s of designing and scaling an effective email marketing program is a true roadmap for finding success from email. John has put together a comprehensive, thoughtful, and incredibly detailed course that adds value to anyone’s email marketing strategy, regardless of experience.” – Nick Eubanks, Entrepreneur and Founder of I’m From The Future.


Because Credo is dedicated to helping companies grow however possible, I have taken it on myself to write the book on startup and SMB email marketing. But before that is released, I want to give you a peek under the hood at the kind of content contained in there. So I’ve created this free seven day drip email course to help you get a better handle on your company’s triggered and transactional email marketing programs. This course covers:

  1. 5 different emails you should be sending to your customers, including the one that I believe every company should be sending
  2. Pro tips that both beginner and experienced email marketers alike can use
  3. The importance of using your data to construct your strategy, and some resources to help you there

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Transactional Email Course
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 by Stuart Blessman
Helped a beginner master his email automation
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John's transactional email marketing course is phenomenal. Having recently overhauled all my transactional emails after a site relaunch, this course helped me optimize and discover new areas of reaching my customers with the most relevant information and led to a direct increase in revenue. Thanks for a great course John, highly recommended to anyone!

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John Doherty

I am the founder of Credo. With 14 years of SEO and digital experience across agencies and in-house, I've worked with some of the largest websites on the internet to drive growth. Since 2015 I've helped over 6,000 companies and 250 agencies grow via better hiring and marketing practices. I live in Denver Colorado with my wife, daughter, and dog. I am an entrepreneur, speaker, writer, skier, and traveler having visited 47 US states and planning to visit every continent on Earth. You can find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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