We’re back with a brand new Credo Podcast episode! I took a few months off from recording these because my daughter arrived in mid-April 2019 and I’ve been heads down with Credo as we work to change a lot of things and move forward into the future!

This episode is all about selling marketing retainers, which are singlehandedly the best way to build a sustainable service business that is not a lead eating machine.

PS if your business IS a lead eating machine and you want to fix that, get in touch with me – [email protected].

After listening to this episode, you will understand:

  1. How to qualify someone for a retainer project and if you should try to sell them on it;
  2. The two retainer sales strategies we see work, and the challenges with each;
  3. Elements to build into the project that will help you retain them longterm as a client.


Resources mentioned: