I hate wasting time. I do everything in my power to optimize my time so that I can maximize it, which means that I can get a lot done and then have as much time as possible to spend with my wife, my dog, and our friends.

This applies to work as well as my personal life. When I am consulting, I want to spend as little time as possible doing business development (though you could argue that blogging is biz dev, in which case MOAR TIME PLZ) and as much time as possible doing billable work. Even though I charge by the project not the hours (which is another video I should do), I hate spending a lot of time on work that I am not guaranteed to get paid for.

Credo pro William Alvarez, based in NYC, sent me an email asking if I pitch new clients via email or with a pitch deck. My answer was “it depends”, and when an answer like that is given I feel compelled to explain myself.

So, in this video I cover:

  • Why I pitch via email
  • Why I think pitch decks are (usually) a waste of time
  • Why setting expectations is the most important part of pitching new business

As I said, it’s a private video and you need the password CredoPlus! to access it.

Proposals: Pitch Deck or Email? from John Doherty on Vimeo.

Enjoy, and I’d love to hear what questions you have about sales that I can address for you!