Hey there!

Happy Thursday! I hope the new year is off to a great start for you. Personally, my wife and I just moved to Denver Colorado and are in the middle of getting our lives and house here set up. I wish I was writing this from my office, but my office is full of our stuff that we haven’t put away yet!

A short idea for you today to get you started in the new year if you’re looking to grow your employee count this year, or just trying to do better training with your existing employees.

Entering into 2017 I have been thinking about how I scale Credo and part of that is bringing on a virtual assistant. But I have so much on my plate these days that I don’t really have to go creating documentation for, my virtual assistant to use to do the things that I need them to do.

So what to do?

The other day I was on a Skype call with Damon Gochneaur of Aspiro Agency (if you don’t know him personally, you should) catching up and chatting about the upcoming year. I posed this question, and his reply floored me:

When you’re doing something that a VA would ideally do, record a video of yourself doing it. Talk through the steps and why you do it. Then send them the video and have them transcribe it as their first task.

Mind = blown.

Think about this and what it could do to your productivity this year. We’re all doing things that we shouldn’t be, or struggling with how to share knowledge with others internally. Maybe this will help with that.

Here are some ideas:

  • Record how you use a specific tool
  • Record how you do a specific task (eg keyword research) so new hires can then replicate it
  • Record sales calls so that other salespeople can learn from you

Personally, I’ve been wanting to create a demo of Credo so that new pros can see what they’re signing up for. I also get specific questions multiple times a week that I have to answer again and again, so I’m going to record how to do these things as they come up then send you a video link. I’ll put that video up somewhere on the site as well so that you can watch it when you need to know how to do something.

So go forth and record what you do! I use Quicktime Player, which is built in on my Macbook Pro. I know others use Camtasia on PCs, and I am sure there are many other great tools out there.

That’s it for this week!

I’m rooting for you.