There’s a lot of advice out there about investing in social media advertising and how it’s the wild west of advertising, with cheaper clicks just like Google Ads had back in the day.

But if you’re a product company, when should you invest in them?

I spoke with Brandon Doyle, cofounder of Wallaroo Media, who are a social media advertising specialty agency. I’ve known Brandon for a long time now, they were my first Credo customer, and Brandon is our first repeat guest on the Credo podcast.

In this episode Brandon and I talk about:

  • Why having a certain number of followers (10,000) is key before you start working with an agency;
  • How engaged those followers are before advertising, because it matters to your return;
  • When you might want to think about social advertising to learn versus building a following;
  • Why even giveaways or promotions might not be right for building your following;
  • How companies operating on social media can put the “social” back in social.

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