Let’s face it, website forms are old and usually pretty terrible. You click through to a site and want to contact them, but they need 16 fields of information plus your firstborn child before they’re speak with you.

Chat bots were supposed to solve the issue, but we’ve all used those and know that the vast majority are terrible. They don’t get us where we want to go and just ask us to dig through help docs to find answers.

That’s frustrating as a customer, but chat bots can also be frustrating as a business owner because we end up with a lot of low quality conversations that don’t convert and just waste our time.

That’s why I brought on today’s guest, because not only does he have a ton of experience with lead generation for local businesses but he’s also rethinking the game and has the receipts to prove his experience.

My guest today is Aaron Weiche, who is the co-founder of LeadFerno where you can “close more leads faster with text messaging.”

Aaron is a long time industry colleague of mine that I’ve had the pleasure of breaking bread and drinking brews with a few times at various conferences, and he’s someone I trust to talk about the future of lead generation.

In this conversation, you’ll learn the following:

  • Why conversion is too often ignored at the expense of top of funnel acquisition, which gets the majority of marketing dollars
  • Why web forms are terrible and what can be done about them
  • Why the digital last mile is more important than ever
  • Aaron’s 3 step line of questioning when considering lead generation channels.